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skatey-mark's picture

Body fat % -- how low is too low?

So I was measuring my body fat with my calipers this morning and it came out to 6.2%...  It varies a little day to day, so I'd say a conservative estimate is maybe around 6.5%.  The last couple weeks have seen it drop a little, where it had seemed to stabilize around 7% for at least a month, maybe more.

skatey-mark's picture

Ozone and exercise

Okay, so I recently mentioned ozone as a potential health risk in a response to this blog entry... Well, I thought some more about it and decided I really needed to educate myself.

roadskater's picture

Tour de France 2006 Floyd Landis' Last Good Chance

Wow. Spoilers here so watch out if you don't want to know what's happening now. I'll insert a break so the preview doesn't spoil it...click to see the rest...after the replay I'll remove the break probably.

timv's picture

TdF Blog: Carmichael and Armstrong Might Know a Thing or Two

In his Tuesday journal entry, Chris Carmichael made some rather prescient remarks about Tour de France strategy:
I was watching today's stage with Lance Armstrong and several other people, and at one point during the race, Lance and I talked a bit about the difference between racing conservatively and aggressively.
During his reign as Tour de France champion, Lance was adamant about seizing every opportunity to gain time on his rivals. The idea was to build a cushion between Lance and his nearest competitors in case he ran into problems later on in the race. A one-minute lead can turn into a three-minute deficit in just a few kilometers, and Lance and Johan Bruyneel always said they'd rather defend a lead than fight to catch up.
If you're in the lead, you have two options. You can follow other riders, and as long as you stay with them you don't lose any of your lead. Your other choice is to attack and build an even bigger lead. If you get into a situation where you're behind, there's only one option. You have to attack and drop riders who somehow gained time on you already, and there's never any guarantee you'll be able to do that.
The one thing that's certain about the Tour de France is that anything can happen, to anyone, at any time. Having the yellow jersey and several minutes of time in hand gives a rider a margin of safety; losing one minute of a six-minute lead isn't a cause for major concern. Losing one minute of a one-and-a-half-minute lead puts the yellow jersey in a stressful position and lends encouragement to the challenger.

I guess they pretty much nailed that one. It's a fair question to ask whether Floyd actually could have put more time into his rivals last week and early this week, and whether it would have been enough to matter when the bad day did come. But they sure did see it coming.

roadskater's picture

If you Reddit and Diggit say Deli.cio.us

I've added some links in the links area beneath full page postings so that users of certain tag sharing and other sites can quickly recommend our content or bookmark it. I'd like your help evaluating which of these you think are worth keeping and which you think I might just want not to display. Also if you know more social tagging sites you'd recommend, please feel free to use the create/site feedback form to let me know, or comment on this article. The links I am including at the start are for: del.icio.us, Digg, Reddit, ma.gnolia.com, Newsvine, Furl, Google, Yahoo, Technorati, IceRocket, and PubSub.

Also, this is pretty neat: http://digg.com/spy

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Searchers, Site Visitors, Google Rankings, Titles, SEO

Hi to everyone, especially all of you who are contributing writers, with thanks a ton for what you do.

I've been temporarily out of the posting loop as i worked on tags, terms and a few new features that will hopefully help us reach out and be reached. I look forward to catching up on reading!

roadskater's picture

Roadskater.net System News

Here's a place for me to say what's up with the new roadskater.net in beta at rsn2.com. Please reply via create/site feedback:

20060714 I've added the following cities based on being top hitters over the past few weeks...

skatey-mark's picture

Cursed Skates

Saw the title of the auction and just had to read it... Poor guy...


Cursed K2 Inline Cadence Skates

skatey-mark's picture

Double-Century Weekend Challenge!

So some months ago, I read an article about this crazy endurance cycling dude...


That which does not kill me, makes me stranger

kjg's picture

How to train for the hills of GA in a flat state like MI!

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on ways to train for hills (both up and down) when you live in a place without very many?

My particular areas of concern:

- Downhills - fear of out of control speeds and speed wobbles

roadskater's picture

London gets new "go cycling" marketing campaign

This sounds like a major commitment from a leading metropolitan area to boost cycling. I can't tell you how good that could be for all of us if cycling can start to be taken seriously (again?), and particularly if law enforcement will support the efforts of roadsharers everywhere. It's a long way before auto drivers will see inline roadskaters the same as roadcyclists, even, but the more it improves for cyclists, the better for all human powered transportation modes. Of note in this article is increased funding. Hope it turns out great! Blake
roadskater's picture

Saskatoon athlete breaks world record

I don't know much about world record solo attempts, but I saw this story in the sidebar and thought it might spark some discussion at some point among those who have been to the F1 track in Montreal, especially to skate. As I recall from reports, during the 24 hour skate race there, participants had to watch for hedgehogs crossing or some such! Regardless, I don't know if this is an age group or gender or human speed record, as the article leaves a bit to the imagination. Perhaps we'll find more later. Enjoy...Blake

Saskatoon athlete breaks world record 
StarPhoenix, Canada - 2 hours ago
...five-kilometre Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, the site of the annual Canadian Grand Prix F-1 race, Buisson broke the world record for inline skating in a ...

skatey-mark's picture

contest: Tour to Tanglewood Recruiting Challenge

This was announced some time ago on InlineNC - just thought I would remind everyone about it...

There is a "recruting challenge" underway for this year's Tour to Tanglewood. Prizes will go to the people that recruit the most new cyclists or skaters to the Roadskater.Net team. The prizes aren't anything life changing, just some small fun things. The number of prizes has not been determined yet (I may add more as I think of some, or come across some) but there are at least four right now, and probably will be more...

roadskater's picture

Tag Clouds Floating Above, Working Properly

The tag clouds are working properly (no duplicates!) and floating above us as we move through the site. I'm testing this setup and will be changing the look of some things as well over the next couple of days. Please feel free to send feedback via CREATE/SITE FEEDBACK.

skatey-mark's picture

Sports Anemia

Some might find this interesting...  Our story begins inthe spring of 2004...

I had gone in for a normal run-of-the-mill annual physical.  I felt fine, it had just been a couple years since I had a checkup...  No big deal.  Well, I got a phone call from my doctor's office a few days later saying my white blood cell count was a little low, and I should go see a specialist about it.  Now, at the time I felt absolutely fine, so I figured the blood test was just a fluke and the person on the phone didn't seem terribly concerned, so I just let it go...

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