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Inline Skating with a 55-year old Mom of Three

Here's an article that's a nice read because it feels so personal, so real. It's not edited into oblivion, just the voice of a skater, right or wrong, and thus still has the feel of a real person. It's a good reminder that we enjoy a sport with a built-in childish sense of joy. Of course all can benefit from wrist guards and helmets, especially adults, in my view, and we go in any weather and worry about the bearings later...when we feel like it that is...Blake

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Joey Cheek In Washington for Darfur Rally

hi there...here's my first "blog it now" post from a news item. we'll see how it goes. i don't know if the links will come with or not.

looks like joey cheek is meeting some new contacts while he goes about helping as he can, converting celebrity into awareness.

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A New Roadskater.net

Welcome to Roadskater.net, "the skating, cycling and charity magazine you can create!" Please click stuff! See what happens! Check out http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=start-here-how-to-use-roadskater-net. Read all you like, but to contribute, we ask you to join first to help foil junkbots. And don't worry, the 15,000+ photos and movies from http://roadskater.net/index.htm are still there waiting. Skateylove Yes! Blake

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