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Bont Semi-Race and Apache Speed Skates Inline Skates Rollerblades on eBay

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I just saw an email search result that seems like a good starting price on eBay. Paste this next line into a search on eBay (use the eBay search box on this page any time you want to help support roadskater.net's operating costs) and even if the current item has ended they might have relisted...the title I saw was:

  • Bont Semi-Race 07 Serious Fitness/Beginning Speed Skate
  • Bont Semi-Race
...is a more prolific search.

The seller had over 98% with over 741 positive feedbacks at the time. That's not perfect but probably is OK for a new item. Anyway...

  • do any of you know better pricing on these?
  • also, do you still like them, those that have them?
  • seems like a nice starting bid price for boots, 4x100 frames, 8 100mm wheels, bearings, spacers, axles, all that. looks like the same seller has an ebay stores item for $275ish buy it now. about $10 shipping to my zip sounded good.
  • another seller with evil in their name (why would i buy from them?) from China (omg no returns, ha) has blems at a lower price but with $40 s/h and worse grammar. says it passed Bont's 16-stage quality assurance tests...wait maybe that was 15 of them if they're blems?
  • what's the Bont Apache like? Anybody try them?

Let me know if you have any experience with these sellers or other good deals. I'm not likely to buy now, as I'm pretty happy with my Powerslide C4 with my old 3x100+84 setup, but I'm sure the world wants to know about these Semi-Race boots and how they're holding up. 

Skateylove y'all...roadskater


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I’ve got the Semi-Race,

I’ve got the Semi-Race, and while I absolutely love them, if I were willing to go through all the acclimation and heat molding again, I’d go for the lower-cut Jets. That said, they’re comfy as hell. The other night I played soccer (basically hockey with no stick, kicking the ball with the skate) in them for almost two hours and then skated home. No discomfort or cramping whatsoever. As for that price, eh. I think you could get that same package for within a few dollars of that from Glenn Koshi or Backstreet Inline. According to the FAQ on bont.com, the difference between Jets, Apaches, and Vaypors is primarily the ratio of fiberglass to carbon, and therefore the weight (and cost). The Semi-Race also has slightly more padding to it, but it’s still essentially unpadded compared to a typical “fitness” boot. I’ve been told that they skate very similarly, for what that’s worth.
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Skate Soccer Where?

Thanks for the great info you shared on the Semi-Race and some of the other Bont models. I think lots of people will want to know about this. If you played skocker skate hockey soccer or whatever in them, that's pretty impressive. They look like a pretty good kit for the cash. I'm happy with my waylo price setup, especially with skatey-mark loaning me (until I pay him!) a not-bent 3x100+84 frame after my k2 frame bent. Good stuff and thanks for putting it out. Koshi and Backstreet are both reliable, yep, along with Richard Nett and some others.
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Have you pulled the trigger on the Semi-Race Bont's?

What are the advantages of this set up vs. your C4's?  I'm curious.  Is there something about the C4's that don't work well for you?  Or something about the Bont's that you know will treat you better?

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C4 Powerslides Very Nice, Stable, Old Frame Length 165mm

No I haven't bought any Semi-Race, and probably won't any time soon. I did think this sounded like a nice deal and thought some might have opinions to share on it. I hope they still will as they have time to show up and perhaps notice the questions. The three-point mount seems like it might make for a low and stable setup. As for the Powerslide C4s, I can now say after using them some that they are a great replacement for anyone that had the old Verducci V-Teks...at least the ones I have would be...the 165mm mount version which may not be the same as current models. I've noticed at the flagpole switchback left at the park that the C4 is more stable than my very used and self-repaired V-Teks. I have absolutely no problems with the C4s. They seem as comfortable as the V-Teks ever were, and they feel very stable in turns. That eBay purchase couldn't have turned out any better, and other boot purchases worked out without me losing more than the cost of shipping as the price of trying out some other boots. Between that and getting frames from skatey-mark that are straight so the wheels all face in one direction, my kit is much better. I am at ground zero with my training, though, having been sick for at least a couple of weeks, and really feeling effects of it for almost a month in terms of my routine, health, energy, and other factors.

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