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Bont's Semi Race skates

So after a nasty spill in mid Marchl I suddenly find myself in need of new raceboots.  Once again the mounting area has been damaged beyond repair.  This being the third pair of skates in a row where either a frame or boot issue has been damaged in the back mount.

So as I perused the Skates i see a new style of boot, a 3 point mounting system.  Well thinking in mathmatical terms the amount of tourqe would be reduced to the mount by 17% by moving to a 3 point system.  "What the hell" I say to myself.

So with one month to a race i had to get the skates, mold and adjust them.  My goal was to do 200 miles in them in the month's time.  Most of that mileage would be in the first two weeks and the second would be to make the needed corrections.

Molding #1

ok so the new Semi-Races arriaved and like a little boy on Christmas morning I tore into the box.  I tried to put them on and I could not even get them to spread open far enough to slip my big foot in.  "Rut-roh SHAGGY."  So the  review about them being stiff in the box was no lie.  So I Pre-heated the oven to 200 and took the blades off the boots.  Slipped the boots in the oven in for 20 mins and took them back out.  I re-mounted them and placed them on my feet and stood in my skating stance for about 5 minutes.  Ok standing like that in the crouch is hard so I sat down.  That was a mistake as in my right boot developed a straighter cuff and created some bad pressure points that did not really show until about mile 15 of that night.

 So I did a spot heat with the gun and re molded that area, more skating and more micro frame adjustments. 

Molding #2 : After two weeks of this game I knew that tihe Right boot needed to be totally heated and molded.  This time after heating I put the boots on and stepped onto the carpet and proceded to do dryland skating for 15 minutes.  Then I Sat down for another 20 or so minutes while they cooled completely in the newer full range of motion molding.  NOW I placed on the frame and started the frame alignment  again.

 After the second molding they were feeling real good,  I've since put on a ferw 40+ mile long skates with minimal discomfort.  The hold up well`except for the shiny coat.  The bright red color has inspired this years Halloween costume.  I mean come on now these things do look like "Hooker Red Heels" , so look for me on the corner of Ponce and Boulevard.  :-P

 With the Powerslide Brake kit added the stopping power is great!!  For the money I give these an awesome bang for the buck.


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What gives with the boot / frame breakages?

So what happened to the other skates? What were the specs on those and how did you manage to render them unusable? I'd like to learn from your mistakes instead of fully recreate them for myself.........you understand ;-)


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I can’t say that I love my

I can’t say that I love my Princess Boots, but I do really like them. I’ve modified mine to mimic a more low-cut boot by heat-folding the tongue down at the point where there’s a gap between the black ankle part and the red part with five eyelets. I then only lace that lower part, totally ignoring the top two eyelets. They’re apparently starting to offer the semi-race in colors other than Rocky Horror Red, which I’m kinda bummed by. I think that having such garish boots helps to burn away any remaining shreds of self-consciousness, and that is essential if one is to put wheels on one’s feet and go play in traffic wearing only grape smugglers and a CamelBack. But hey, that’s just me.
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A true "Art-eest"

Bryan you paint such a vivid picture. I'm having trouble shaking it from my subconscious. Kinda like last week when I heard on the radio "oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey......Hey Mickey." I'm still interested to know though, how Chuck's other boots were damaged - to avoid the same mistake. If I come across a feather boa that could coordinate w/ your Rocky Horror boots, I'll pick it up for ya.
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Time Warp!

Gonna have to go rinse my ears with bleach now (Hey Mickey) :-) Perhaps Chuck damaged his boots with just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right... In any case, Chuck made a true pun about standing on the corner of Ponce & Boulevard.

ok, so it's been a while

ok, so it's been a while since i looked at my other blog entries. forgive me but this is the first site i "blog" on so still new to this. i'm a bit rough of my skates. i run up escalators in them, i jump over holes and crosswalks and on/off curbs. i do a few tricks in the cones on them too. now also when i wipe out it's spectacular, so the last set of powerslides were ruinied when the fram e hit first and pulled the bottom mounting disc thru most of the carbon fiber boot. i've also cracked a few frames, all on the mounnting areas. i have now dedicated race skates for training and racing and some rec skates for playing around in.

Hmmm…A Bont rep tolled

Hmmm…A Bont rep tolled me, if I do get the boots, not to wiggle or move around in them, just to stand on it without wheels, tighten the boot with the laces and wait until the boot cools. 

 Oh, do I have to go and see how you look standing on the corner of Ponce & Boulevard in whatevercity, or are you going to post a pic on Monday? :)

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