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Brett Michaels and Butter Fat: Day 73

RSNBiker's picture

I confess. I love Brett Michaels. It's Day 73 of my Brain/Body Makeover, and I'm in the middle of Part I of the Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale. I'm working through a backlog or recorded shows. I can only manage about an hour a day of TV now that I'm active and feeling healthy. Brett Michaels is a finalist for the title and in his interview with Joan Rivers he said, "You know, the harder I work, the luckier I get." True that, Brett! Did I mention that I love Brett Michaels? (I still don't know who won, so please don't spoil it for me. It may be another few days until I finish both parts of the season finale.) I think my favorite rocker is onto something. The harder I work out, the luckier I am with my weight loss. And the more butter I don't eat, the more weight I lose. Today, I hit 21.2 pounds lost. My goal is 50 pounds. I've had this one stick of butter in my refrigerator for 72 days. I used to go through a package of 4 sticks about every two weeks. I baked a lot of banana bread and I butter for cooking. Now I just eat bananas, mixed in with my protein shake or as a stand-alone snack on a bike ride. I use an organic olive oil cooking spray for my morning omelets. I alternate those with protein shakes. And I pack them with veggies and uncured ham. Do I miss butter? Nah. And I really don't miss the pounds of butter fat that had settled onto my hips. Thanks for the inspiration, Brett, and for doing the rockers proud on reality TV. Peace out.


roadskater's picture

OK, enlighten me on the Celebrity Apprentice

I confess to seeing a few minutes of Celebrity Apprentice now and then so I could gawk the plasticene masks of the financially fortunate in fear of loose skin in photographs. I never made it that far as I saw no synergies and it seemed there'd be plenty of discord. I have enough real life in my real life so I prefer extreme misery or maybe once in a while extreme peace in my entertainment, ha. So here's at least one question, maybe more...

  • Had I given it more time, what would I perhaps have taken from the various people and their interactions?
  • Tell me more about Brett Michaels. I think some of the wisdom is from Ben Franklin, Samuel Goldwyn or Yogi Berra, depending on you who believe, but wisdom from a rock star is good for any reason! I'm assuming you've followed this guy along the way so I'm interested in his good points. I don't know anything good or bad, so it'll be learning for me.
  • I'm interested in the thoughts about uncured ham and how that helps.
  • Awesome to live without butter! There are things I simply can't purchase and take into my house, and that's one. I see butter once a week on Tuesday nights if they bring out a basket of bread. If I don't actually see it in the basket, I usually manage to miss it (or not miss it, whichever is right). I do get caught by the garlic olive oil!
  • It's inspiring to hear from someone inspired by reality TV! I mean that! Thanks for sharing the quest.

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