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Brief Tour de Lions 2010 Report

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This year's Tour de Lions was a hot 'n' bumpy one! Roadskater and I opted for the '40' mile option, which turned out to be 44 miles by my Garmin Forerunner 305. I thought those few rounds at Country Park were sufficient preparation for the Tour de Lions hills, but just like clockwork this May the Tour de Lions reminded me how far I have to go to be ready for A2A in October. The first time we skated this event the roads were easily 90% smooth. This year it felt like they were 60% smooth at best, and I'm not just talking tar snakes or ruffled verges, but the dreaded chip seal or outright gravel. MikeB, bless 'im, decided to stay with us instead of firing out the gate with Skatey-Mark. At about the 10 mile mark Mike and Roadskater and I got separated, and we didn't meet up again with Mike until the rest stop at 20 miles. Roadskater blew a gasket early on, so I chose to be cavalier and provide as much of a wind-break from the warm gusts as I could between miles 10 & 20. It was easy! I was having a great time and thought I could carry on like that all day. However, I didn't bank on the near 90 degree temps towards midday, and mile 25 onwards I became painfully aware of having chosen exactly the wrong socks to wear. How can a person have both numb and painful feet? My socks were too thick and over time I think I must have washed all the wicking fabric out of them! Taking a break halfway up a steep, sunny hill, I couldn't believe how hot my chin-strap was making me feel, and realized that was probably a cue that I was starting to bonk. How Mike stayed with us I'll never know, but I'm glad he did! The second rest stop seemed an eternity away at the end of an infinitely long road with a headwind. I was so out of it at the rest stop I didn't even want to eat anything. But Skatey-Mark was there, having completed the 44 miler alone much sooner, and skated back out to kindly pull us in and add some more miles for himself. I can't thank him enough for the Ibuprofen and wind-break. The first half mile leading out from the 2nd and final rest stop was a steeplechase, and I considered taking off my skates and socks and jogging/walking back the last eight miles. We managed to finish ahead of some of the 75 mile cyclists so there was still some food left. Something enjoyable about the various distances this year: the 75 mile course wove in and out of the 40 miler at certain points, so we got to see some of the cyclists we normally wouldn't have. Notes to self: - check boots and possibly go for another round of heat-molding - check frame placement - get some thinner, wicking skate socks - put Ibuprofen in hydro pack - train on hills


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ahhhh, Fun Times at Tour de Lions

This year's TdL was quite a fun one, especially with the likes of accomplished skaters SkateyMark, Eebee and Roadskater.  Their road wisdom is awesome.  If only a little bit would sink in.  For some reason I tend to feel really good around 8 - 10 miles in, and run like a rabbit to the 1st rest stop.  Then after a good refueling pause, and a glance down at the Garmin Forerunner 305, and the thought of an air conditioned SAG ride 24 miles to the finish start to sound really really good.

The roads were trending rough a lot.  And the 1st 200 feet of a chip sealed down hill does awaken the metatarsal capillaries very nicely......ah, nothing like a high vibration foot massage, but with another 500 feet to go it turns into numbing rattle time -- not so pleasant.

And just like last year, Roadskater and I missed the screaming downhill 75 degree hard left, and had to venture another 1/4 mile down hill and off course before smoking brake pads finally brought us to a stop.....although roadskater stopped much easier -- must have been the unfurling of the "parachute shorts" to increase wind drag.  Ya see, he was sans lycra on this event (an overlooked detail that really bugged him, in more ways than one).  Somehow Eebee made that turn and still not sure how.

Thank goodness for SkateyMark towing the line on 7 or 8 back to the finish.

Good times.....no doubt about it. 

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