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British Cycling Team GB (Winners of Eight Gold Medals in 2008 Olympics) Shreds the Skinsuits

roadskater's picture
Here's a quick one about the British Cycling organisation as they'd spell't getting their skinsuits back so they could be destroyed, thus holding the advantage, they hope, for the 2012 olys. An odd little article that mentions thoughts of breaking collar bones too, all in the name of safety? By the way I'm not sure of the medals counts, but the beeb said 8 so maybe there was an update after the olys. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/other_sports/cycling/7872309.stm Some background on the impressive results by Great Britain: http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRM/ENG/INF/CT/C95/CT0000000.shtml http://en.beijing2008.cn/news/sports/headlines/cyclingtrack/n214566049.s... Some background on the venue...sweet: http://en.beijing2008.cn/venues/lsv/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laoshan_Velodrome Hi-tech GB cycling suits shredded - BBC Sport -


Hi-tech GB cycling suits shredded
BBC Sport, UK - 8 hours ago
The suits worn by British cyclists at the Beijing Olympics have been shredded to stop rivals using their technology. None of the Team GB cycle squad, ...
British Cycling shreds Olympic skinsuits RoadCyclingUK
Brailsford backs bid to get nation to saddle up guardian.co.uk
Suits suffer shredding fate Sportinglife.com
Bike Biz - This is London
all 24 news articles


Laoshan Velodrome Beijing, Beijing
39° 54' 45.8352" N, 116° 12' 27" E


MikeB's picture

RSN covert ops in full swing?

If these GB suits are so utterly fantastic, then one can assume you have a mole well placed, working on getting the secret(s) for a 2009 RSN suit? Nice...........can't wait. Just don't put Inspector Clouseau on the case.
roadskater's picture

Oy Just Getting the Sleeves Right on Jerseys is Hard Enough!

I thank you for your faith and enthusiasm, but after last fall, I'm still a bit bummed about the subject. I have lots of sleeveless Roadskater.net jerseys available for viewing and hopefully wearing when the sun is spanking hot again. If those Team GB skinsuits were out there long, somebody got detailed info and photos I am sure. I thought it was funny the part about some mysterious source in Japan or manufacturer in Japan or whatever it was, then the line about Adidas adding the tags on later. All Day I Dream About Skinsuits is the saying, right, ebee?
eebee's picture


Yeah! Or After Dinner I Did A Spinstop.

eebee's picture

That would be the beumb!

And if that failed you could always get a 'ambeurgeurre.


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