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Cannondale Bicycle Manufacturing Fabricating and CNC Shop Photos

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Dale of Cycles de Oro posted this photo link to local some groups . I take it Cannondale bicycle manufacturer is up for sale. Meanwhile, if you like to see where things were made, there's a lot to see here. I think the sale is over so I'm not sure how long these will be up. Boring for some; heaven for others!



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Will they take a bad check?

They will not know it won't clear for a little while, giving us time to resell it at a nice profit.  You in?

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If not...

Maybe they'd take some of the old Cannondale Bicycles stock I've got, which was officially "cancelled and deemed worthless" when they went bankrupt the first time.

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Funny Auction Dreams

I guess that's a FAD but I didn't mean for it to be. We could build some stuff with that equipment! Or we could get together and talk about it and get on the computer and design it and buy more stuff to go with it because "if only" we had that stuff "then" blah blah blah!

I was wondering who was the most worthless Czech? Just a bad yoke (joke/yolk as opposed to a good egg). 

I wonder how the auction came out and where the equipment will land and how it will be used, or if. 

As someone must have said, "you've got to love milling from a billet." If they hadn't, now they have.

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