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Carolina Hurricanes Win Their First NHL Stanley Cup

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OK well I'd better just say hey northinsouth we love you but we're glad you're not too happy today! This is because North Carolina just won its first professional sports championship (unless you consider getting a free college education makes you a professional, as I do). [That's North Carolina, or Carolina as a unit, including that other part split off long ago so we couldn't have too much of the best mountains, piedmont and beaches.] Of course, it would be more interesting if the players had to be from the area with the name of the team, but that's not the way most pro or university sports work, eh y'all?

The Oilers sure made the most of their chances and as an 8 seed they had an amazing run. They should have pride through their tears as they take the long ride home back up north as they came so close as to almost taste it, and they made the victory hard earned by the Carolina Hurricanes.

The 3-1 score included an empty netter in the last minute or so. It could have been 4-1 with another controversial call (which I thought it should have been either a goal or a penalty shot even as they went to commercials) that was found later to be probably incorrect and most likely a legitimate goal. At least the 'Canes had a clear margin.

I missed the most exciting game I guess, game 5 I think it was, but saw more NHL hockey in a week that I usually do in a year. Maybe this quality series can help the sport come back a bit and improve it's exposure on broadcast television. I thank NBC for carrying most of the games so I could watch them on my local station instead of having to chase the game down on cable somewhere (I have cable internet but not cable television...I wonder if that makes my cable internet faster!?). Between NBC and Univision I've seen some good stuff lately while I plunked away on the PC at something.

One interesting aspect of not having cable is that I get stations from Durham, Raleigh, Fayetteville and sometimes Roanoke that I would never see were I simply watching cable. I miss very few channels (TBS for Braves, History Channel, Cold Case Files and very little else, including most of the too much of the same sports and highlights that don't convey what happened in a game..."whoah! wow! look at that!") and I'm so happy not to have the Argument Channels.

I can't claim to be a great fan, but I did go see the Hurricanes when they played in the Greensboro Coliseum some years back in their first years in NC. It was great fun to see them then, and inexpensive and easy to go, as Greensboro knew the team would be here so many didn't get too involved, and not many from Raleigh made the trip early on. Now of course everyone wants to claim a bit of their shine, and this probably does no harm and maybe a bit of good for some.

I did notice the games were all extremely tense and both teams seemed to be giving 100% all the time, which was great to see. It was inspiring in fact. The biggest change I saw as the games went toward the final was an increase in headhunting in my view, the main reason I didn't care to watch hockey much when the minor league team was here and even in the early 'Canes days here. It seemed to me that the league had changed some of this, and maybe they have, but in the last game I can say the 'Canes looked like they thought it was important to pull out a can of whoop on the Oilurrs.

For the fashion conscious, the Carolina uniforms totally rock, especially the use of the hurricane warning flag as a design element along the lower hem of the jerseys, and the wind blown storm flag at the point of the shoulder, with the flagpole bending but not broken. The twister on the front also rocks, so if the uni has to be red and black instead of Carolina blue, at least they made the most of it. Most of you know I love swirly designs, so coffee and cream stirs, fudge ripple, spiral galaxies and hurricanes are cool by me.

Sorry northinsouth. Now I look forward to you dusting me at the park the next time I try to sprint up a hill in a sneak attack. It'll be fun to watch if a bit demoralizing!

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