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Cartersville Century, Cartersville, GA

eebee's picture
2007.06.30 8:00 am
2007.06.30 3:00 pm

This is a bike ride that has welcomed skaters for the past few years. Some of the Atlanta Peachtree Roadrollers do this event each year and always give it great reviews. Here's what I have learned from the website, www.cartersvillecentury.org:

General location: 35 miles northwest of Atlanta 

Distances: 15 - 30 - 55 - 100 miles

Price: $25 before June 19th, $30 afterwards and day of.

Registration on the day: Starts at 6am

Ride starts: 8 am for the 55 & 100 miles, and 8.30 am for the 15 & 30 miles

Rest stops: Every 10 to 15 miles

Terrain: Flat to gently rolling. 

...gently rolling! That's what they said about A2A...I will try to find out from skater veterans more about the roadsurfaces. The website mentions something about pretty 'farm lanes', which, to me, indicate either gatorback or gravel. However, I doubt that the Aprr-ers would keep going back if there were much in the way of bad road surfaces. Besides, on Tour de Kale, Gravel Hill Road may have been hilly, but it certainly wasn't gravelly! 

Post ride meal: Hosted by the 'Boys & Girls Club'.

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