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Catching a Ride: Taking the Bus From Athens to Atlanta and Back

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If you need to get from Atlanta to Athens or vice versa, Southeastern Stages can get you there. They're bookable directly or by way of Greyhound. If you know of more buses between Athens and Atlanta (such as from the Atlanta airport to the Athens bus station, please feel free to add them here.

For those skating Athens to Atlanta, there are buses available on a2a.net and these are your best bet and a good value as I recall. However, if those don't work for you, perhaps these will.

There are buses from Athens to Atlanta (Southeastern Stages is one company) and it looks like Southeastern Stages as of this writing goes at these times...
  • ATHENS 10:40a-12:15p ATLANTA
  • ATHENS 3:15p-5:00p ATLANTA
The other way at this writing they travel these times...
  • ATLANTA 11:15a-12:50p ATHENS
  • ATLANTA 6:45p-8:45p ATHENS
Here's a sample trip options display from the Greyhound site...

Select Departure Schedule for Friday, October 9, 2009
Select     Departs     Arrives     Duration     Transfers     Carrier     Schedule
  •     10:25am     11:59am     1h, 34m     0     SES     0201
  •     03:15pm     05:00pm     1h, 45m     0     SES     0210
      d=day h=hour m=minute     SES: SOUTHEASTERN STAGES, INC.

Select Return Schedule for Sunday, October 11, 2009
Select     Departs     Arrives     Duration     Transfers     Carrier     Schedule
  •     11:15am     12:50pm     1h, 35m     0     SES     0120
  •     06:45pm     08:25pm     1h, 40m     0     SES     0106
      d=day h=hour m=minute     SES: SOUTHEASTERN STAGES, INC.

Just for a sample, I chose the first option of both above and got...

 Select Fare Type
Purchase     Fare Type     Qty     Passenger     Each     Total
    Refundable Fare
No further discounts are available on this fare.   Help     1

I think the one-way fare was $21.00 from Athens to Atlanta on Friday, so the return must be $25, and that might be a difference due to the weekend or bookings.
Hope this helps some people! Skateylove y'all... Roadskater


Athens Bus Station
220 W Broad St
Athens, Georgia 30601
United States
Phone: (706) 549-2255
33° 57' 25.92" N, 83° 22' 43.32" W
Atlanta Bus Station
232 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
United States
Phone: (404) 584-1728
33° 44' 54.7872" N, 84° 23' 46.8492" W
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