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Celebrate Good Times Or Maybe Push to the Finish

roadskater's picture

Don't read the link too carefully before you click or...OK it is hopeless to see the video without knowing what happened. But you can see how it happened. This happened to me at a2a once. I ended up losing by 4 hours 20 minutes! http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/sports/12652-colombian-skater-c... Other interesting notes from the same event... http://usarollersports.org/news/2010/10/27/road-craziness-leads-to-medal... "There is also a cliff that was just beyond a wall after one of the chicanes." Photos: http://usarollersports.org/multimedia/photo_gallery_index/2006#gallery-h... http://usarollersports.org/multimedia/photo_gallery_index/2029#gallery-h...


World Roller Speed Skating Championships Guarne, Antioquia
6° 16' 51.6108" N, 75° 26' 35.214" W


eebee's picture

This needs to go viral!

Everybody can relate to what's happening in this video, so it has viral potential. In the process, perhaps it'll garner some intrigue into inline speed. I love seeing the South Korean's slow-motion spurt to the finish. He's leaping into his strokes. 

Lindsey Jacobellis should watch the skating video. Incidentally, why are British commentators so insane? Because it's ok to get emotional about sports, just as long as you're stiff-upper-lip about everything else. 

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