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Chad Hedrick Visits Kids, Plans for Three Golds

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So Chad was back in Texas and it sounds like he's done lots of good will visits. This article covers the usual ground but has a couple of interesting quotations. The first is Chad's interestingly open description of his emotional state before the gold medal race:

"Before the race, I had a nervous breakdown. I'm a really confident person as far as my abilities go, but when they put those Olympic rings up in the venue, it changed things completely. You start to think the most negative things you can. Before the race I was really nervous, and I actually cried."

I heard on the Dallas list today that Chad had skated a 5K (I think he skated, not ran) and said he'd not be competing in inline skating, just skating on wheels as training for the ice. This article says he'll begin again in August on ice, and he sounds like he'll only try for three events...

"I expect to win three gold medals," he said, "because I've been in this sport for four years, and I don't feel like I've done my best yet."

It's good to see he hasn't lost his vision of himself winning every time in the future! It's especially good to see Joey, Shani and Chad out talking with kids and helping as they're able.

'The Exception' shatters rules to win gold 
McKinney Courier Gazette, TX - 1 hour ago
... It wasn't until he saw his friend Derek Parra win gold in the 2002 Winter Olympics that Hedrick became interested in switching from inline skating to ice speed ...

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