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Challenge of the Centuries 2-Day Bike Ride Inline Skate, Hartwell, GA May 23-24, 2009

eebee's picture
2009.05.23 6:00 am
2009.05.24 7:00 pm


This year's Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries flyer mentions skaters. Under the 'Rider Comments' section is the quote: "I highly recommend it for skaters". The flyer also states "Open to cyclists and accomplished skaters". 

Without much planning, Roadskater and I took part in this event during last year's Memorial Day weekend. We took advantage of the event's offer to 'camp' on the local Middle School's gym floor. It ended up being one of those fun weekends full of small and surprising revelations, like being able to buy a handful of perfectly good fly swats at the local dollar store, and happily learning about the effectiveness of sleeping pills in an otherwise distracting environment.

It was just the tonic for me as I had been suffering a few weeks beforehand from some kind of unbearable heaviness of being, probably induced by insufficient skating. Spur-of-the-moment as it was, we were able to pull up to the school on the Friday night, unroll the air mattress and try to sleep, then amble in a daze across the gym to the registration table next morning to pay the jovial and easy-going event volunteers.

On the Saturday during last year's event, we basked caffeine-starved in our post thirty-something skate glow, brewing Javacabana's espresso coffee on a gas-station curb. Best coffee I ever drank!

The event's name makes sense when you realize that you have the option to cycle or skate 100 miles both days, on undulating terrain through beautiful countryside. We usually end up choosing the thirty-something mile route each day. It makes for one of those weekends where you're so far away from work, cleaning, errands, responsibility and all your 'shoulds', that you might as well go skate - and take all day doing it.

2009 mileage options: 35, 64 & 100 miles on one or both days.

Entry fee: $30 for either day, or $40 for both, but take off a $5 early-registration discount if postmarked by April 30th. 

In aid of: Kiwanis Club of Hartwell, who will contribute funds to the local Boy Scout troop (so this is a very well prepared and supported event), and Head-Start of Hart County.


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MikeB's picture

100 x 2

200 miles in 2 days. Wow. That's a heck of a workout. Are you going to do this event?
roadskater's picture

Wouldn't be doing 2x100 mi. Usually 2x35 mi or 100 in 2 days

Hey MikeB and sorry for the slow response. Not looking like eebee can make it and probably I can't either, but if someone's interested in going I might be persuaded. It's a great fun event and cool that you can stay in the gym or in a tent if you want. If I don't go I'm going to miss it a lot.
roadskater's picture

Pale Substitute for Missing Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries

Well I had hoped for 70 miles over two days at Country Park, having missed the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries. It's a great, easy to afford event, with some challenging rolling hills and nice people...and skating over Hartwell Dam is pretty cool too. So, hmm, how to get in 70 without going solo on the roads. OK maybe break it down into three days instead of two? So I went out and did 19.4 I guess it was on Friday. Then on Saturday I added another 16 laps for 26.2 (with a bit of parking lot to make the .2). I think Sunday was rainy when I was considering being out, and there was the Gran Prix of Monaco, the Indy 500, and the Giro d'Italia. I guess it was Monday when I went out and did another 22 miles (6 in rain), and on Tuesday I managed 5 more before more rain and another cracked hub (more later). So if I stretch it out far enough I got 70 miles in on the superlong weekend of wishful thinking. I really missed Hartwell, even any challenges or lacks of comfort or privacy (sleeping in the gym is free but not exactly private). But it's those challenges and changes that break the routine and at the same time provide an annual ritual of sorts. And nothing gets 70 miles in your legs like two 35-milers with support and marking and showers and a place to hang out afterward with people of like minds regarding roadskating and roadcycling. We'll be back at Hartwell I'm sure, but I enjoyed the safe confines of Country Park even if I think every lap is one more chance to quit!

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