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Champion Inline Speed Skater's Dad Gets Six for Juicing Son

roadskater's picture

Who knows how many inline skate races have been won by dopers! If you wanted to juice, certainly outdoor inline would be a good place to go, eh? It looks like USA Roller Sports (USARS) banned the skater, Corey Gahan, (some time ago) and his father, 41 years old, "is believed to be the first person convicted of providing illegal performance-enhancing drugs to an athlete." He apparently gave his 14-year-old (or younger) son steroids and human growth hormone.

James Gahan admitted giving the synthetic testosterone and human growth hormone to his son, Corey, a champion in-line skater, who was banned from the sport, for at least two years, beginning in 2003, when the boy was 13. James Gahan later lied about his involvement, accusing his son's trainer and a clinic operator of giving the boy drugs without his knowledge, Gahan's plea agreement states.

"I apologize to my family and to the court for my actions that have brought us here, most importantly my son," Gahan said. "There is no excuse for what I've done ... I have made some bad choices."


A cursory scan of a Google search of "corey gahan usars" shows his name in proximity Winston-Salem and High Point, as well as Ocala, where I would have thought he was most often allied.

Inline Planet has the backstory on some of this too (good job!):


I wonder how many parents and coaches are doing this in inline, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, &c.?






Father Of Champion Inline Skater Sentenced To 6 Years
Central Florida News 13|, FL - Jan 8, 2008
The father of a world class, record-setting inline skater has been sentenced to six years in prison for giving his son steroids. ...
Father who gave son steroids sentenced to prison term WWSB ABC 7
all 7 news articles
[Inline Skating]


Lady Lake, Florida
United States
28° 55' 57.8964" N, 81° 55' 42.5352" W


timv's picture

"Bad choices"

"I have made some bad choices." GMAFB. Wearing blue socks with brown pants is a "bad choice." Washing your car when the weatherman forecasts rain is a "bad choice." Ordering fish on Monday is a "bad choice." Taking a date to a Chuck Norris movie is a "bad choice." "Bad choice" doesn't begin to describe what this low-life creep has done to his son, and to the other kids skating with his son.
eebee's picture

Messed up sports parents

To me this seems more like hard evidence of the absolutely sinful way some parents insist on their kids playing a particular sport, or even doing well in a particular subject in school, which may not be either the kid's forte or passion. I'd love for all parents guilty of disdain when their child doesn't excel in the parent's chosen sport (football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, etc.) to do 6 years' time.

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