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Check out the new Tanglewood Training Ride Polls

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Check out the polls asking your favorite and least favorite Tour to Tanglewood training rides. These polls only include current rides (sorry Tim), so none of us get to vote against the worst moment ever at a Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride, the delayed by corporate ceremonies event at a now defunct bike shop in Greensboro. Here are the links: 



And see the other polls in the Easy Book of Skating and Cycling Polls:





skatey-mark's picture

what about those of us with bad memories? :)

You're assuming, of course, that we can remember which ride was which...  :)

I'd love to vote of these, but all those Triad rides look the same to me...  ;)  Well, at least in the few remaining remnants of memories in my beer-destroyed brain!

Seriously though, all the rides are good -- even the infamous one that was delayed by the opening ceremonies and self-aggrandizing 'experts', yadda yadda yadda...

What would really help those of us out of the aera would be a good description of each skride, along with the voting so we can see which ones were the most liked & disliked.  That will certainly help justify the 90 minute, early morning, drive to get there...  :)

roadskater's picture

re: what about those of us with bad memories? :)

Yes I agree that we should collect our memories from the training rides and other rides as we go. I think we could get a lot of material from the InlineNC archive and I think it is legal for the person who wrote it to include it here. Perhaps summaries of others' comments could be included as long as written in new words (or old words in a new order, ya). This is a big project and it's on my list but I'm happy to have help of course and of course I grant rights use of my words in the material we collect. First I have some serious kinks to work, especially the annoying multiple copies of same content from clicking a tag in the article or tag cloud. This is the number one problem I'm spending on many hours tracking down. Along with building the categories, creating polls, enjoying others' comments and stuff like that. Also, a quick look at photos on the http://roadskater.net/index.htm site may refresh memories, as long as I put the bike shop name there. If I did not like a ride, I would leave out the bike shop's name when listing the ride on my site. I'll add some notes as comments here if I think of some quick reminders on some. Thanks! Blake

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