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  • Reply to: Fluoridated Tap Water and Hypothyroidism (Fluoride in Drinking Water, Low Thyroid): Bottled Water or Filtered Water Better?   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Once upon a time, fluoride was used to treat HYPERthyroidism. So it'd make sense for me to avoid it, being hypothyroid.

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  • Reply to: Surprise! Lance Armstrong Drops Drug-Testing Program as Too Hard, Too Expensive   5 years 43 weeks ago

    I was going to write something about this whole USADA/Lance Armstrong thing, but it seems I already did. I can't believe Lance. 

    Of course, he doesn't care about those who've given up believing him, but those who still pay him. He needs to worry about contracts, sponsors, money, image...and the legal and other consequences of admitting any form of doping. 

    I still believe Bruyneel is the key to a generation of cyclists, successful while with him. Guys who get caught don't get caught while he's with the team. They get caught when he's away from the team, or they've moved to another team and they think they can do it without the mixmaster. I have no evidence, just beliefs. Sorry about that. 

    But for the first time ever, it begins to feel like all this will come out.

    People can hate those who implicate Lance one by one, and they can say how unfair it is, as if an enormous lie doesn't matter if you wait long enough. 

    But if George speaks, and Levi, we'll see what people say then: "Oh, they all did it." As if it changes a big lie to be OK if you're the biggest liar. 

    If I have to believe something, I choose to believe that someone finished each of those Tours de France clean. I have no idea who. But I'd rather believe that than believe that Lance beat 7 years of the best cycling dopers 7 times in a row...all while being perfectly clean. 

    Really, what Lance did and still does is amazing! But I still don't believe it was or even is clean.

    For me, Lance Armstrong is the Richard Nixon of pro cycling. Not everything he did was bad. But he needed us to believe, and perhaps he needed to believe, in his purity. 

    When all the sponsorships are gone and the money dries up, wait for the book tour, the Frost-like interviews, and a few morsels of insignificant truth to sell books and movie rights. Then after a bunch of people are dead, some fragmented puzzle pieces of the truth will seep out.

    Or after it truly no longer matters, perhaps when Lance needs attention more than purity, he'll weave tales of the old days when he ruled the world the perfect number of times and was the dreamweaver of post-9/11 patriotic magic for the good ol' USA. 

    Some interesting reading, right or wrong, linked below. Read about the shower, the coffee time, the prescription, for starters. Repeating that he never failed a drug test or never had a positive does not make it true. 


    And somewhat related, see "Paging Doctor Ferrari"...


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  • Reply to: Success Lies in the Quads   5 years 45 weeks ago

    During the Tour de France this year, it was great fun on what seemed the few days the breakaways were pulled back, to see former lead-out for Cavendish, Greipel, doing his best to pip him at the line. He pipped one guy (Sagan I think), but when it came to an assault by Cav I recall his amazement on at least one day that left Greipel shaking his head. I wonder how Cav stacks up on the measurements and also note that he lost weight for the hilly laps of the Olympic road race. I am wondering if Cav will retool himself for more GC (overall time winner) success, stay like he is now, or go back to being heavier with more power. I didn't make any measurements, but I bet that thigh vs. waist ration is a good predictor. Also of course overall weight and I've heard upper leg bone length (maybe in Speed on Skates, by Publow. Maybe I'll have the bravery to measure later. Thanks for the info and for contributing here so much over time.

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  • Reply to: Sell me some skates!   5 years 45 weeks ago


    Depending on needs and budget, I've seen some acceptable pure beginner skates at Target under the Schwinn brand, for those who will be beginners for a while.

    The next option might be Sports Authority, but the big box stores don't carry skates like they used to. Their selection will be better quality beginner fitness skates with wheels up to 84mm mostly. While there try on the brands and mark down the sizes for each brand.

    Some have seen good skates at thrift shops of the local sort, maybe even at the franchise brand used sporting goods stores, but since computerization I tend to think you won't really find bargain prices at these places. Maybe you will but I think the odds of that are lower than before, just as the odds of finding a bargain Martin HD-28 are much lower at these places.

    What has worked for me well in the past is to consider eBay as a way to "rent" skates long enough to try them. This is more true if you are bidding on an auction, because theoretically there's another valid bidder who wants the skates for a dollar or a few less that you. So you can try the skates and if they're obviously wrong for you, put them up for auction again soon without too much loss, most likely. Also, even for buy it now fixed price items, many sellers offer a return privilege if you return the skates in the condition purchased. Just make sure to get a seller with 100 or so transactions and at least 20 or so as a seller, with 98% or better feedback, or something along those lines. Ask for more photos and make sure you know what you are buying, asking all you questions BEFORE YOU BID OR BUY.

    eBay has a lot fewer individuals cleaning closets listings and a lot more sellers who do large volume, so be aware of that. I guess the individuals may have gone over to craigslist and such. But eBay has a feedback system that works for buyers at least (sellers are less happy with changes to that) and it also has search tools that will send you an email when your specific search gets a new entry. This helps you get more from your time spent refining a search phrase.

    Right now K2 Radical and K2 Radical Pro seem like good options for someone who already can skate some, who wants to make a long-term investment in fitness skates that will last and perform well in many circumstances, with bigger wheels to help get over road imprefections.

    Having said all that, one of our park buddies found a very nice set of Bont midheight leather boots in great shape with a decent 5x84 capable frame for an OK price. This was at a local thrift shop, not any kind of chain.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Reply to: Success Lies in the Quads   5 years 45 weeks ago

    Thanks, Timv, for setting up this potential for repartee. 

     "...big quads, small waists and big butts. It’s hard to find pants.”

    Uh, welcome to the world of the average western female.  

    Eye-opening statistics! I have always wondered whether cyclists & speedskaters really did have disproportionately large thighs, or if the skinsuits and lack of stomach fat just created the illusion. 

    My right thigh is slightly skinnier than my left. Interesting!

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  • Reply to: local skating groups, when and where???   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Hey Junior! Still there?

    I built a platform and it's free to use. I put in as much time and effort as I am able and want to. When nobody thanks me for certain things, I sometimes quit doing them. When I need to make money, sometimes I do something else. 

    Try these too...

    Again, thanks for letting us know how you feel. There is so much I could do better, and yes it's hard to hear when people don't like your baby too much! But it doesn't mean you're wrong.
    Thanks even more if you decide to pitch in and contribute some content to this free platform...events or otherwise, skating, cycling, charity, life.
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  • Reply to: Roadskater.net 2012 Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Bike) Jersey Order Form Link   5 years 50 weeks ago
    RoadSkater.Net jerseys made min and people keep ordering so i called and asked if we could keep the deadline open a bit. yep. 
    monday noon edt july 9. 
    btw, you don't have to join paypal to pay with your credit card or checking account. safer than a waiter, and perhaps, your bank. 
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  • Reply to: Roadskater.net 2012 Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Bike) Jersey Order Form Link   5 years 51 weeks ago

    The 2012 Roadskater.net Jersey Project final order deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3, noon EDT. We are getting close to the required minimum and while I don't think we've met it quite yet, I think we will be there by the deadline. If you are thinking of ordering, please act before the deadline. If you just need a bit of time to pay we can work it out for you to order but you'll still need to put it in the cart and send me the details of the order. Thanks to all for even considering it! More photos and the link for even more details here...


    The 2011 order info page with much more information including sizing charts and hints...


    skateylove y'all...


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  • Reply to: Primal or Paleo Eating: Becoming a Keto-Adapted, Fat-Burning Endurance Athlete   6 years 9 hours ago

    Thanks, eebee, for telling what you have been up to foodwise. I am still enjoying the wheat but I believe less of it than before. I am trying to swap out high carb nibble food and swap in snacks that are mostly protein and fat.

    But the rest of this is unhealthy talk, ha!

    About a half hour before skating I do try to take in some carbs, and I still use 'ade while skating. The sugar candy we call sugar bombs is ok for a quick jolt but i agree it has an icky after effect. What really worked for me all year last year was to focus on powergels &c. and carry one for each 45 mins planned. I usually didn't eat all of them but they were easier to carry than many things and I think I had better days because of it.

    I also carry some things I know I will love even when I hate almost everything. Lately that has been the pink'n'white Good & Plenty sugar-coated licorice. Sometimes Gobstoppers fit the bill too. These are items I don't usually hit until 3 or 4 hours have passed.

    I've been looking into some Mexican treats based on tamarind (I think it is) hoping to find some sugar/spicy/salty alternatives. Oh yes. Don't forget Atomic Fireballs...the slow sugar drip that shocks your mouth back to life. Much of this was a repeat, I'm sure!

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  • Reply to: local skating groups, when and where???   6 years 1 week ago

    Hey Junior. Yes it's a busy site. At the same time there are some things missing. 

    First off, our group is not just Greensboro based, but we do have a few from the area who skate together. 

    During daylight saving time hours, we are often found at Country Park in Greensboro on Tuesdays about 6pm. We don't have enough people to always commit to having the time covered, but if you join us and bring a friend, maybe we can make some regular skate times for the park and some other places too. 

    We also roadskate at local charity bike rides where they know us and welcome us. We often do the MS Society Tour to Tanglewood training rides, and we also do the Tour to Tanglewood (since 1999), Athens to Atlanta (since 1999) and our own Roadskater.net Carolina Century (since 2008). 

    eebee and I just did the Tour de Kale 37-miler last weekend in Denton. Hopefully we'll have reports on that soon. It is a great event. 

    We have a way to post events, but we'd need people to help us enter those. We don't list repeating weekly events as there has not been a request for that yet. I didn't want to fill up a calendar with things that might change or end without others involved in keeping it up to date. 

    As for single events, it's relatively easy to add something to the calendar using http://roadskater.net/node/add/event

    As for finding things, here's what I do...as of this date's site design...

    • I use the site's own search box at the top right to search for items on the site.
    • I use the Google search in the grey box for internal (left) and external (right) searches.
    • I look on the left column for recent posts and comments, also for popular all time content.
    • I look on the right column for recent external news in skating, cycling and related news.
    • I look at the terms on the bottom of the site to click on tags sorted by frequency of use on the site to see articles tagged with that term.
    • I use the green bar across the top to look at the old photos site (over 30,000 photos), events, plus various views of new and popular internal and external content. 
    There's a lot to improve here, certainly, and thanks for giving your thoughts. We love roadskating and want to encourage others to enjoy inline and quad (and ice) skating in parking lots, parks, rinks and eventually on the road safely if they choose to after getting their skills up to a safe level. 
    What could you do, I hope I hear you ask? Simply contribute relevant content in the form of posts, comments and events. We're about roadskating, but not all about it. Certainly other forms of skating, plus cycling and other exercies, are all welcome topics. We often go off-topic as well, as you can tell, because we've met a lot of skaters who are interested in many of the same external topics we are interested in. We do try to avoid topics best avoided at Thanksgiving dinner are best avoided here too, I guess. But as we say in the tagline...skating, cycling, charity, photography, music, performance, entertainment, travel, products, life! At least those! Join in. Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. 
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