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  • Reply to: 30-Day Challenge: Asthma, Allergies and Kick-Starting Fitness 2013   5 years 50 weeks ago

    Well I have to say going without wheat for a year as you have done is amazing. I don't recall but maybe one time you ate any wheat (?). And I mean any ingredients related to wheat. It is interesting to see where you've eliminated food groups and to see why (or at least I think I get why: rice: allergy; soy: thyroid control; others: not sure, ha). 

    Some things I've noticed along the way because of this is just how much "hidden" wheat, corn (high fructose corn syrup) and soy (espcially soy lecithin) there is around. The chocolate bar quest is close to impossible (but not) if you avoid soy, and I can't imagine it without dairy. It'd be cool to have a list of the "hidden" names they use for wheat, soy, corn, rice and such. 

    Over the last year I'd say I've cut down on these things (mainly wheat, soy, rice, chocolate) but definitely have not eliminated them. Just hearing your reasoning and seeing your effort has influenced my choices. But the biggest rule of all is that it has to stay out of my house or I will eventually track it down and eat it.

    Such is the case with a food I managed to live without just fine for long months, and probably obtained a year ago before it was off your ok list: namely, peanut (legume, bean) butter. This week I bought some small gala apples. Then I happened to "bump into" my plastic peanut butter jar (the jar is plastic). I never eat that stuff. But at the last Carolina Century I had a PB&J sandwich that was incredible. OK I had 2 at different rest stops late in the day. Anyway, until that jar of peanut butter and the jar of natural pb are gone, I'm likely to participate. I think I do OK with the PB in moderate quantities. 

    So, congrats on your quest and good luck. Keep us posted!

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  • Reply to: International Skating Union (ISU) Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Live on the Web   6 years 4 weeks ago

    The same link for the main video page works to be able to see the replays of Calgary's speed skating. Go to this address: 


    Next, look at "Playlists" and click on "2012/2013 World Cup Speed Skating 6 - Calgary," then click the event you want to see in the "Playlist Videos." 

    I recommend watching in chronological order, which is to say, starting at the end of the playlist videos and working your way leftward. At very least it's a bit less "spoiled" if you watch race (1) in a given distance before watching race (2), because the start order in (2) just might be determined by finish placements in race (1). Either way, it's speed skating on the long track with no ice derby allowed and I do prefer that (though short track is fine, but in the trend of taking non-contact, speed, human or gravity powered sports and making them crowded for crashes). Where's the track and field 100 meter zig zag hill and water sprintcross? Someday. Ick.

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  • Reply to: International Skating Union (ISU) Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Live on the Web   6 years 5 weeks ago

    It looks like 2 pm EST this Saturday is when the stream goes live for the Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating Round 6 from Calgary, Canada. It will be held on Jan 19th and 20th.

    At least I hope that's the time for the Calgary. It's easy to get the countdown clock showing for a different event than the one you want to know about. But that agrees with the meet schedule on Wikipedia.

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  • Reply to: International Skating Union (ISU) Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Live on the Web   6 years 11 weeks ago

    The live streams for both long and short track are on again. The link above for the long track event is working. The first group of women's 500m is finished. Not sure how long the stream will last. Yesterday it stopped before all the events were over, as I recall. 

    The following link should work for the short track skating in a few minutes...


    We are lucky that NBC didn't buy this so they could not show it. We are also lucky to be able to watch with such great quality. This is how sports get fans...by being affordably available...preferably free to watch with an internet connection. 

    BY THE WAY if the stream stops and shifts you back to short track or vice versa, use the specific link and refresh that link. 

    This is great stuff to learn from, especially the long track, in my opinion. After each pair they show the winner doing the last turn's crossovers, plus some other highlights. 

    Hope this helps someone watch!

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  • Reply to: International Skating Union (ISU) Long Track and Short Track Speed Skating Live on the Web   6 years 11 weeks ago

    According to this, among USA participants, Brittany Bowe and Heather Richardson will be skating the 1000m in a few minutes...spoiler alert if you view this Saturday morning, say, after sunrise...



    After that, Shani Davis is in the next group. 

    Sugar Todd, who did well in the 500m, will be in the next group...
    Mitchell Whitmore has a decent PB in his group next...
    The go at it again overnight tomorrow as well. 
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  • Reply to: First Skating After Carolina Century 102   6 years 14 weeks ago

    Whew. I had a chance to join a slow bike ride but decided I was not sure I was ready to be on the road again with the numbers stated above. Maybe it was laziness! It was tempting to go as some of the CC vols were out there. Finally I opted to eat 2 hamburgers then go skate fun style. 

    When I got to Country Park, I remembered it was 11/11 and thus there would be some ceremony at the war memorial there. It was no problem as long as I avoided the times people were being shuttled in. On lap 2 or 3, I waited while the national anthem was in progress. 

    The data here is cheater data, as I call it. In other words, the time I spent going to the car trunk to get a drink of coke (!) or sport drink is trimmed out. Why cheating? Well my heart recovers, of course, during this process. So the numbers are lower because of that. 

    Except for the 5th lap, where I was rolling along with a longboarder who was trying to sneak in some time, my lap times were within the midrange, I'd say. 


    Lap 5 was 14 minutes, but my average still stayed up at 149, so I'm not rebounding very quickly (usually don't). Laps 1 to 4 were increasing in peaks until I started goofing off.

    Why goofing off? By the 3rd lap my muscles just felt like all the juice was gone. Maybe digesting the hamburgers was dipping into my strategic reserves! It was worth it. Cook out small burgers, grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, sliced pickles, yum. Not exactly training food, ha.

    Anyway those are my notes for later, except to say that the little injuries are still not there, and balance still good, and I'm working a bit on keeping my ankle back in the pocket of the boot (nothing too focused), and enjoying not needing to look at or work for times (the Forerunner is good enough to not have to try to remember any data if you don't want to). 

    Oh let's see, what else...

    • 2 kids who had been helloing back several laps as they rode their bikes, with their younger brothers I guess, set up at the bottom of the long hill on either side. This was strange and I didn't figure it out right away. I hear a parental bark of concern, but they were grinning. They had set up a mime operation and were pretending to hold a rope across the road, pulling back and forth alternately. Pretty well done and I told them so! Now if I had thought it were a real rope: not funny. 
    • One gentleman older than myself (he probably 60s, 70s) asked me a number of serious and well asked questions about skating. He knows quads and skiing, so I told him no problem, mentioning that K2 skates would be a good starter if he didn't want to go for carbon speed boots. Of course I told him he needs a helmet (probably one with good back of the head coverage), real wrist guards long enough to protect from a break, and optional knee and elbow guards. He was interested in the braking as well, and I of course told him not to start at CP or anywhere not dead or drainage flat. I didn't get his name but hope to see him or get email from him to help get him started. Last year's hero of the park started skating in his late 50s and is enjoying it lots, along with mountain biking. 
    • Lots of leaves fell overnight, as the road was clear yesterday. Today it was hard to see in the 180 where the surface is multilayered. Glad I know where the good spots are, but it was still tricky. 
    • I told the longboarder about the Anniston AL to Smyrna GA longboard day. He seemed starry eyed like many of us when we first heard about Athens to Atlanta. I asked if anybody made a leash like surfboarders wear...saying that would help him get the signs down from the park maybe that discourage skateboarding. I said to be considered a different device...not for tricks...with a tether (to keep it from hurtling down the road if it got away, for example) might help them allow him. I also said demonstrating skill and care and saying hello to everyone (several times) probably would help, too. I told him how we were banned before 4pm for a while and how that all worked out. 
    • There were lots of kids with bikes as usual, and more than usual with razers/scooters, and they seemed to be having great fun. 
    That's it for Day 3 (of skating) post CC. 
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  • Reply to: First Skating After Carolina Century 102   6 years 15 weeks ago

    OK. Great weather in the 70s today. I got out late as usual. So theoretically my max is 190 but I haven't tried to reach that in some time, and haven't done any other tests in a few years, yep. If max hr decreases with age by 1 per year, then it's probably lower. But that's an if. If I take 190 max and guess at 50 resting, then the diff is 140, so 14 beats per 10% between. That means 90% of available would be 14 less than 190, or about 176. That does feel about right as a figure for 90%, which I guess should be doable for a few seconds to a minute when needed. 

    Having said that, today I made it to 176 and I wasn't chasing speedkids at a roller rink. 

    I started just before 4pm, and figured I'd probably just do 10k (4 laps).

    Starting hr was 122, still high. I was up to 158 by 3 min. Lap times were average to 30 secs faster. Avg and max hr for the 4 laps: 


    So unless I've really cranked up my abilities by not skating, these should be unsustainable numbers. Only once this year did I sustain 160 for an hour, and that was early and totally flat. I need to look back at prior events, and hour long training sessions, but I doubt I'll find anything over 156 sustainable. I'd say these averages are more like my maxes before Tanglewood or A2A, when training gets harder because of Tanglewood team and Carolina Century duties, as I've said, likely often. 

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  • Reply to: English Fashions   6 years 15 weeks ago

    I doubt you'd wear those due to the heels, right? But yes, it would get attention, and some people couldn't help being threatened or judgemental, I guess...like some are when they see skaters.

    But many others would think, wow, I that's cool, and are inspired, like the lady on Vance Rd during Carolina Century, who I was sure was going to say something negative, but she said, "I wish I could do that!" I of course said, "You can. Come on and join me!" or something like that.  I think you had just caught up to me again in the miniSAG car? It's all fuzzy because it was a leapfrog thing and I was a bit stressed going up that long hill on Vance Rd. 

    You can (barely) see the lady talking to someone (way in the distance on the hill) here...

    Lady talking to man on the hill in the distance on left.

    Hope you bought some clothes you like and took pictures of clothes you liked, too. It's fine to post them here, but you knew that! 

    It was a good time to be there with everyone partying for Guy Fawkes and in a good mood, hopefully. 

    I assume they had wifi on the 8-hour bus ride? Outlets for the phones (that'd probably be too much without being in some business class section). I think the PART buses that go from city to city here have wifi, but I think you'd better have a good battery when you start. 

    Sounds like a fun trip. Bet you saw some skaters! 

    Oh I see on the right sidebar that Bradley Wiggins had a bike crash. You didn't see him, did ye? It's a small country, you know? 

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  • Reply to: Carolina Century 2012 Bike Ride and Roll for Multiple Sclerosis: 21, 31, 51, 64, 72, 82 or 102 miles, 10-Hour Support   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Next year's tentative date is October 19, 2013. Gospel Baptist Church sets their schedule first, then we try to fit in there. Usually the last weekend of October is taken, so we go for the next to last Saturday when we can. As soon as we KNOW the date and know we have sufficient volunteers lined up, we remove the tentative tag from the carolinacentury.com website and get ready to register people. 

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  • Reply to: English Fashions   6 years 15 weeks ago

    No it's mostly just sturdy, warm footwear and boots that are made for miles and miles of daily walking. If you don't wear boots here, you are a tourist.

    I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this. I think it's just so rare that I actually see clothing that makes sense, so when I do, I get excited about it and want to study it. I want to ask people their thought processes behind deciding to wear those pants or shoes and that jacket. Many people are wearing hats but as of yet it hasn't been cold enough to warrant the colossal static hair mess, for me.

    It snowed in England yesterday. We froze our butts off in London yesterday, doing the Eebee & Kids' Haphazard Surprise Tour, where we literally stumbled upon The National Gallery, The Golden Hinde, The Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, and my son bought shoes in a Carnaby Street store called The Office (but Boots is a Pharmacy). I imagined the scene if I showed up anywhere in Georgia wearing these. Carnaby Street was decorated with a Rolling Stones theme. As we passed Southwark ("Suth-ukk") Cathedral, some bell ringers were pealing up a storm. We stopped into Pizza Express on the Thames and caught some fireworks going off behind St. Paul's.

    Took a National Express Coach (bus) from Milton Keynes to Glasgow today. 8 hours. The Lake District peaks are already snow-capped. As we crossed the border (didn't see Hadrian's Wall but did see plenty of Ristorante Adriano's and the like in Carlisle) I noticed the sun was going down on the horizon. An hour and a half later it was finally dark! That's some twilight.

    I brought my sunglasses but even on the sunniest days I don't need them! The sun is further away than in Georgia, apparently.

    It's Guy Fawkes Night tonight so my sister set off some backyard heat-seeking missiles. I don't believe they sell these industrial-strength fireworks to the general public in Georgia! Besides, the grass here is already damp and frozen, so I don't think they are too worried about the big black scorch marks on the lawn.

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