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Concrete Replica of Philly's Love Park at Skatepark in Peterborough, England?

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The Big Lottery Fund in the UK is working wonders for getting kids off the streets and into skateparks via a fraction of half the money raised through the National Lottery. They have contributed to many skateparks, one in Wales that converted a disused factory. I have often gazed wistfully upon many an abandoned WalMart, visions of smooth tracks, beginner's hills, cafe and skateshop swirling in my head. 

If I had won this week's $355 mil jackpot, this is one thing I would have done with my winnings. Of course I would have had to actually buy a ticket to have a shot (in 176 million!).  

The general consensus from various news reports I've read on this subject, is that the residents of these local skatepark-beneficiary areas are thrilled that their local youth now has somewhere to go instead of hanging around town. From the BBC Cambridgeshire news:

"Simon Bothwell, recreation services manager at Peterborough City Council, said "I believe it will have a positive effect on the area." He added: "Local people have been very supportive of the scheme and hopefully it will encourage youngsters to learn new skills and be active."  

According to knowhere.co.uk, the above-mentioned park in Peterborough apparently has a "concrete replica" of Philly's Love Park, which seems to have been skateboarder's heaven, before the activity was officially banned from the park back in 2002 (I'm not sure if this is a literal description or just an inefficient way of saying that the Peterborough skate park has pretty much everything skaters could ask for). Now the only skate-action Love Park sees is from the, er, more mature Philly Freedom Skaters converging on it once a year. My question is: why just a Love Park replica? Why not go for a full-size replica of the Art-Museum-Rocky-Steps?!

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