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Confiskated! 71-Year-Old Skater Who Had His Rollerblades Taken by the Cops Gets Day in Court

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He might be a danger to himself, or not, but it's sad to see one of us old guys have his wheels taken by the Police. This retired double-pusher (see photo) might be exposing a shock of white hair, but he seems under control. I don't know the facts, but the quotes are good...

The 71-year-old will now have to prove he is not a hazard to pedestrians where he skates in Southport, Merseyside. 

Isn't it funny when you have to prove you're safe, instead of the court having to prove you're dangerous? I've seen some rather dangerous mommies about with their double-wide kiddie strollers, I'll say. Yikes! Protect us! The pensioner points out how skating kept him healthy and now his health is suffering...

"In the months during which I have been unjustly deprived of my blades, I was shocked to discover how swiftly the health of someone of my age can deteriorate." 

Hopefully the 2075 Facebookers in his group pitched in for some replacement inline skates! 

"I would hugely appreciate it if as many as possible of my supporters would turn up at 2pm to witness my trial...It could be fun. If nothing else, I can assure the ladies my solicitor is drop-dead dishy." 

Skater old-boi rolls back years - The Sun -

The Sun

Skater old-boi rolls back years
The Sun, UK - 7 hours ago
Mr Dornan, who has a 2075-person Facebook group devoted to him, said he was upset about the police confiscating his rollerblades. ...


Southport, Sefton
United Kingdom
53° 38' 50.2944" N, 3° 0' 26.388" W
Ormskirk, Lancashire
United Kingdom
53° 33' 59.472" N, 2° 53' 12.8076" W


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Video of the Scary OAP (Old Age Pensioner)! Babies Beware!

Yikes. Something bad might happen. Let's pick on the very young or the very old. Whatever we don't do, let's pick on people who do it. Most of us don't text while driving so it's easier for us to focus on those who do (especially if they are young and mostly not represented by expensive counsel), and ignore all the yelling, gesturing, back at baby looking, CD changing, cassette tape finding, note-taking, radio station changing, GPS watching, map unfolding and arguing with the passengering that goes on. Now get me wrong not, ALL of us need to be careful and not hurt each other. We should pay attention when driving, skating, walking, running, or anythinging. Hey, let's be courteous. Let's honor one another's passions, especially when they are not really hurting anyone. Let's represent our sport, gender, other group, fill-in-the-other-blank, well. This skater guy might be dangerous, but isn't it easier to pick on a skating guy than someone doing what most people do? Sure it is. So let the judge decide. Happily, some of the folk on the street were glad to see the fellow still being active. Others were just scared of the not-me of it all. Ooooh! Oh and take note the UK is way ahead of us in big brother CCTV cams with which to take you to court. But we're getting there in the YouTube States of America. Skateylove, y'all, with video...and a funny spelling of visitor, here... http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk/southport-news/southport-southport-new...

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