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contest: Tour to Tanglewood Recruiting Challenge

skatey-mark's picture
This was announced some time ago on InlineNC - just thought I would remind everyone about it...

There is a "recruting challenge" underway for this year's Tour to Tanglewood. Prizes will go to the people that recruit the most new cyclists or skaters to the Roadskater.Net team. The prizes aren't anything life changing, just some small fun things. The number of prizes has not been determined yet (I may add more as I think of some, or come across some) but there are at least four right now, and probably will be more...

The rules:

  • The newbies must be new to Tour to Tanglewood (never participated as skater or cyclist before)... They can skate or cycle - doesn't matter. But try to get them to skate if you can... :)
  • After someone joins the RSN team, have them email me so that I can track who signed up under who.
  • Ties will be settled by money raised before TTT. I'll use the total of the recruiter and each of their recruitees. In the unlikely event that there is still a tie, the person that recruited their last person earlier wins.
  • To be eligible, both you and your recruitees must raise the minimum donation required to participate in TTT. To make things simpler, you must raise the minimum before TTT (even though they give you another month to raise money afterward.) This is so the prizes can be awarded the weekend of TTT.
  • If I think of other rules necessary to clarify the contest later, I will post an update here.


I was originally going to announce the prizes ahead of time, but I think I'll keep them a secret... Don't get your hopes up too high though -- like I said, these aren't going to change your life. (At least, I don't think they will!) :) This is really just a friendly competition, and I think we should look at the real prize as having "bragging rights" for a year... :)

Our team grew by A LOT last year, and I'd like to see that same kind of growth this year... So start working on your friends now to join!!

So far, noone has emailed any recruiting information to me, so it's anyone's game so far! Also note that we'll keep these results separate from what we report to TTT for the purposes of their prizes. (So, you can still get credit for recruiting someone for this challenge even if you give your TTT bonus dollars to someone else.)

I think that's it...

- SM -


kjg's picture

I am at 2 so far!

I just e-mailed you 2 names of new recruits and I should have more who haven't signed up yet, so the game is on!

skatey-mark's picture

still time left to recruit people!

I haven't heard from anyone else yet, so there are prizes still up for grabs!  Get out there and get some recruits!


- SM -

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