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Cool-Kept Water & Ice in 24-Ounce Polar Bottle Saves the ... Dog?

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Yesterday was our first 90+ deg day in the Atlanta metro area, and a great opportunity for me to test my recently acquired blue-lined Polar Bottle.

Trying to keep my heart rate under control, I had to stop several times on my 20 minute loop, specifically at the beginning and middle of the 'BIG' hill at Tribble Mill Park. About halfway up this monster hill in the sweltering evening heat, I noticed a guy and a girl in the grass about 3/4 of the way up. Heart pounding in my ears, I plodded and clunked my way up, and observed a large black object attempting to rise up off the grass next to the couple, and plopping down in a heap again. About the same time, someone in a truck pulled up beside them, and I assume from the thankfully dismissive hand motions of the couple, had asked them if they needed help. By this time my fried brain had figured out they were dealing with an overheated dog.

As I slogged up the hill to the rhythm of the nicely preserved ice cubes knocking around in my Polar Bottle, I resolved to offer its contents to the couple tending the poor dog. I remembered the bull with heatstroke from the James Herriot All Creatures Great and Small books. After a painfully slow climb, I approached the couple and panted with confidence "I have actual ICE CUBES in this ICE COLD water!!". I asked if they wanted to use it because obviously the dog needed it more than I did. The poor creature had collapsed and was heaving rapidly. Scanning the scene I noticed a gallon jug of warm water next to the soaked black lab and his jogger-owner, who must've outrun him! I believe the guy helping was another concerned passer-by. At my urging, the guy dumped out most of my water and ice chunks onto the dog's back & sides, and I stood there uttering goofy comments like "I've definitely been where he is now". I was thinking specifically about A2A mile 69 - the grassy knoll at the top of Silver Hill, or the Keno hyponatremia cement-plant rest-stop at mile 76. To my relief, the lab heaved himself up onto his front elbows a short while after the ice-dumping.

I skated for another 10 mins, even swigging the remnants from my bottle and not caring if it smelled like wet dog. By the time I got in my car to drive out of the park, the dog and his companions were gone, and I assume it was a happy ending.

Moral of my story: this insulated Polar Bottle does a great job of preserving ice and ice-cold water up to an hour into a skate on a 90 deg day. My other regular plastic bottles lose the ice after about 30 mins in such heat, rendering my hydration supply too disgusting to drink.


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Doggone shame

good to know this bottle is so capable. I could have used it yesterday where we had similar weather on the Amer.Tob.Trail in Durham, NC. I lost 4lbs. And what a good samaritan you are. I bet it was a happy ending thanks to you and the Polar Bottle. What a shame that the dog owner wasn't prepared to hydrate himself and his canine companion better. It's SO important to look out for pets on these blistering hot & humid days.
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Owner never said a word

The guy who was doing most of the dog-cooling, I concluded, was another passer-by. The owner or dog-jogger just stood there and never said a word to me or the other guy the whole time. I wondered afterwards if she didn't speak English. Upon approaching them I thought they were together, but after standing in their presence a while and noticing zero communication between them, I thought they either had to be strangers...or married :-) If she had run the dog up that hill I'm not surprised he keeled over for a while. I wondered about you guys out on the trail in that heat. Seriously, the bottle is a godsend because I just can't get warm, plastic-flavored water down my throat, even if I need it. Last year I kept ice water in bottles in a cooler in my trunk, but that put a kink in my skating flow because I'd have to keep returning to my car. As Blake would say, it gave me more chances to quit than I otherwise would have had!
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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Wow, a James Herriot reference!! I read a few of those books many years ago, but I can't recall enough from them at this point to even make a witty allusion. I remember something about artificial insemination and a bashful bull, but I don't think one's particularly well suited for this forum. And that he drove around in a clunky old Austin 7. (Was it a "Chummy"?) Anyway I'm glad the dog was OK, and way to go to you for jumping in with the ice cold water. Yeah, it's brutally hot here too this week (high 90s, full-on summer already) and I guess dogs are so loyal that they'll run themselves to death if that's what they think their master wants them to do. Would a cat ever do that? And it's good to know that the insulated bottles work so well, though I've been able to choke down my juice/water mixture at any temperature it's been so far.
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...Wise and Wonderful

Not me. But what a great hymn! Now I have the memory ringing in my head of about 300 seven-year-olds belting it out in the assembly hall (not necessarily a bad thing). 

I noticed people in the GSO public TV viewing area can get free reruns of the All Creatures Great and Small TV series. 

Skate treks longer than 1 hour will require some sort of replenishment. But even if I've slurped all the water out of the bottle, I still have ice in the bottom. That should help at least if out on the road with only a barely-functioning, warm water fountain to draw from.

Good point about dogs and loyalty. I read a funny quip the other day: Dogs have owners, cats have staff. 



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