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Cool or Tool Party Crashers: Steely-Biked Pals Join the London 2012 Olympic Road Cycling Test Event

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For once I don't know what to think of this. I basically dislike fans trying to get in the race or stand alongside or run along with the riders. I normally wouldn't like riders trying to join in, either. But maybe this was a special deal, I'm not sure. If it truly was a test event, well these guys helped provide the test! And it sounds like the race officials failed? No harm, no foul, maybe, and we'll find out if there was any real damage, I'm sure. The only reason I'd be tempted to say this is cool would be the test event nature of it. Hmm. I don't know but feel like they meant to be there but I'm also thinking they really meant to bring up the rear, not be between the peloton and backmarkers. But then they could just be good liars with pants afire. 

This vaguely reminds me of an oft-told story when I PAID a pretty hefty price to be in a skate criterium because someone said oh yeah rekkies are welcome, then I found out that if you get passed you should drop out, and I was thinking, well I may not even do a lap! But the crowd in Athens (GA) was really pumped to see an old guy on rec skates and they screamed like playgirls were mudwrestling when I went by (during the warm ups which wore me out and the lap or two I made before quitting because I had to). No. That event was never intended for rec skaters or even local speed skaters. It was full on genetic anomaly fight for survival because you are no good if you don't win stuff. I wonder if they tested for doping? 

This also reminds me of skating the RR Parkway in Snellville (GA) after the road race has shut down for the day. Pretty fun to have a nice wide street like that for bikes and skates and shoes. 

Anyway, it looks like Cav got the test win and that's good for the hometown crowd who might be a bit tired after a few days of rioting in the news and in the streets. 


Cycling-Opportunist rides with pros during Olympic test - Reuters -

Cycling-Opportunist rides with pros during Olympic test
Suitably dressed but mounted on a bike that brought strange looks from some of the world's best cyclists, Anderson and a friend were not to be deterred on the London road race route. "We thought we were going to get arrested being on the road while the ...

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