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Cool Ten Year Old Inline Skater Tommy Hoggan from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, Spins and Flips the Street Courses of the United Kingdom

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What is it about a young kid only skating for twenty percent of his life that can fascinate and inspire? Maybe it's the low center of gravity, little awareness of pain, and ability to spin without expelling previously ingested appetizers? I don't know, but as much as I love road skating and find most street and vert performances to be a bit repetitive, I enjoyed watching this young Scot hit the ramps. Here's a bit of viddy with more available. If you only look at a few seconds, start at 2:30 or so to the end to see some front and back landing spins and some post ramp flippage. Nice! 


In this video, starting at about 1:00 in, he hits a jump, then misses a flip, but goes back again and does it...a back flip off the rim of a vert ramp, landing on the next vert ramp.


Also in the first video, notice the cool colorful tagging on the walls around 2:30 to 2:40 and that the skate ramps were apparently funded by the losers (and winners) of the lottery. If it's like here, over the long haul you get half your money back, but if the other half went to skate facilities that'd be pretty cool.

Anyway, it turns out Tony borrowed skates from a friend and loved them instantly. His dad noticed and got him some skates right away, and apparently let the youngster run with the obsession enough to get great on skates. But it looks like they want to have some limits, at least for now...

Tony hoped to go to Holland in February for Winter Clash 2011 - Europe's biggest rollerblading event.

But his parents think he is not old enough to travel yet.

I like that little bit of restraint, and that Tony is wearing wrist guards too, along with the helmet. Oh and here's the video mentioned in the article, I think...no huge tricks, but more family emphasis and a chance to hear the wee lad speak...


It seems human powered movement is a big part of the family, at least for the kids. Here's Tony's older brother, Danny, at 11, doing some BMX...as with the other video, it gets better later, at about 1:00...


Sweet stuff skatey bikey lads. Here's hoping you get some adults out there on wheels too, along with lots of kids. We'll all be better for it, healthwise! So maybe I need to get out there some too. It's been a long icy snowy time lately. I still had snow out in front of my car yesterday. Not enough that it should have stopped me from skating, of course.


Kirkcaldy, Fife
United Kingdom
56° 6' 46.17" N, 3° 9' 38.6172" W


eebee's picture

Just for Fun

That is, I'm not trying to be a pronunciation snob, and most people wouldn't care about it but the Scots do:

Kirkcaldy is pronounced something like 'Kir-coddy', with emphasis on middle syllable. 

Scottish town names are easy to get wrong when trying to pronounce them, but can make for funny conversations with Scottish friends. 

Ah it's great to watch people skate at this time of year when I'm not doing it at all.

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