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Off the Couch and Into Invincibility: Cartoons of Depression, Angst and Triumph plus Skating and Biking Into the Wind

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Hello out there. Yes it's nice sitting with the laptop and reading all sorts of stuff, checking in with your efriends or ifriends, maybe even watching PBS or some awesome, enlightening movie from before you were geborn. And everybody needs some time off, but when you are tired of your time off spinning down the drain, let me repeat that there's something about the wind in your face when you're on wheels, or even skis or shoes. 

I often say silly things like "skating is the love you've been missing." Oops I did it again. Thank goodness for when I feel like saying those silly things and am temporarily not aware how silly they are! Those are the days I've likely been out skating, specifically roadskating, in the park on with pals on bikes for charity and for ourselves. It's not just the skating. It's the other things the skating leads to that day and over the next few. The reyounging, the rejuvenation, is much of it. 

For those who'd like some cartoons to go with this encouragement, let me recommend what a friend passed along to me...adventures in depression is just the start. Whether it is feeling until you're out of feelings or getting back in touch with feeling, there's something here in these cartoons that is amusing and real...


I recommend spending some time with the other cartoons there. I'd be interested in what anyone finds real or funny in any of these. In person or here online. Let me know! 

These are pretty good storyboards of life at the extremes. There's something satisfying about a Greek tragedy, or anything that is more horrible than we could ever see it being for us, or maybe just as horrible, if you insist. 

Courage. Funny. Hard to even point you to these cartoons, but they're no worse than a Woody Allen movie, if you are really tuning in past the one-liners. 

I think I'd better go touch a spider or get some glide under my feet and wind in my face. Or I could cook some bacon! Such bravery! With coffee! 


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Going into the Kitchen...

Thank you for linking to this. Your superb write-up does it justice. And thank you to Allie at Hyperboleandahalf for creating it. When I find myself in the pits, I recite the "Are you going into the kitchen?..." part to myself. It never fails to make me laugh, which is not conducive to depression.

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