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Cycles de Oro 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride & Inline Skate

roadskater's picture

We came close to missing this one and we are so glad we got up and out. After 3 days of 100-degree sunbaked highs, Greensboro got a milder day of clouds and cooler temperatures. We skaters got a thrill as the Team Erika lead out group held back from passing until we were down the hill and into Latham Park. We had taken the lead only to keep out of the way in the parking lot, and were pleasantly surprised at this gesture from the entire group of riders to lead out parade style until into the park. There seemed to be no plan for this, but rather something Team Erica decided as we rolled. Wow. Nice. Once down the hill and past the park, it was the whir and buzz of wind and sprockets as the hammer came down on Elm and we saw them vanish northward out of town. Check out the photos at the link below and please return for more comments later...or join the site (free) to write your own story (viewing doesn't require joining):


What a great ride! Awesome pavement! Wonderful people! Skateylove, Blake

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