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Cycles de Oro Greensboro NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

roadskater's picture
2008.06.28 8:15 am
2008.06.28 12:30 pm

Cycles de Oro is a constant supporter of inline skaters being part of charity bike rides and much more, and Dale was a co-incorporator of the new NC Active Transportation Alliance, which has welcomed skaters along with walkers, runners, cyclists and others engaged in human-powered transportation. This ride starts in the north part of Greensboro, with one technical part near the start downhill to a T at Latham Park. After that, it's out of the city to the north and back in by familiar roads, then through Sunset Hills back to the shop. Always a nice time with super people.

T2T training rides welcome experienced roadskaters to join in, but if it's your first one, please talk with the MS Society staff, a Bike Response Team member (look for their jerseys!), or a Roadskater.net skater if you can before rolling out. Bikes are welcome too of course!

These are great FREE, extremely well-supported skateable bike rides to introduce you to the people and mission of Tour to Tanglewood, the great charity fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. There are no speeches...just a lot of friendly folk helping you get trained in case you decide you'd like to join us in September for the 10th Skateyloved Tour to Tanglewood.

  • Registration at 7:30 a.m.
  • Safety Talk at 8:15 a.m.
  • Roll out is at 8:30 a.m.


Cycles de Oro
1410 Mill St # 100
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 274-5959‎
36° 5' 20.616" N, 79° 48' 38.196" W


eebee's picture

Cycles de Oro Training Ride: A good route in 2007

This was a good one last year! Dale & co picked some lovely smooth roads, and I seem to remember something about all the different routes having a certain number of creek/river/lake crossings. I think the thirty-something route we took had about 18 of them. This means at least 18 cool downhills, but then of course at least 18 hard uphills :-)

Last year we had perfect weather - slightly overcast, mid 80s. This year we won't be so lucky I don't think. It's forecast to be in the 90s tomorrow. Accuweather Accupop is showing 50% chance of storm showers between 11pm and 2am tonight, so perhaps the pavement will be ok by morning. Tomorrow's storms should hold off in typical Summer-storm fashion until the afternoon. There's also an après-skate Starbucks across the parking lot from Cycles de Oro, so come on out in your brightly-colored spandex for a skate and espresso.

roadskater's picture

Roadskaters Planning on Cycles de Oro T2T Training Bike Ride

Accuweather and Weather Channel both say clear and upper 70s rising to mid to upper 80s by finish time. We plan to go as the route was good last year...there was one turn that might have been easy to miss but there was a car there with a person letting people know to turn...we ended up going to the bottom of the hill and turning around to make that one. Bring your brake for the hill down to Latham Park (about 2 residential blocks long) and most of the rest is pretty easy. The T2T rest stop team should be there (Elaine and Val and more) and they always do an awesome job of making the rest stops incredible. Cycles de Oro is always very welcoming, so come on out and skate with us...or ahead of us! Skateylove, roadskater

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