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Cyclist joins Tuesday night skate at Country Park

I'm writing to send some bikelove to the skaters who have kept me from selling my bike -- Blake, Elizabeth, Tim and Jack. In fact, I bought a second bike instead. It started with an invitation to join the skaters at Country Park in Greensboro for the Tuesday night skate.

Tonight, the Tuesday night skating group joined an organized tour ride for beginners (Tour to Tanglewood that is). We rode 10.5 miles, and with the help of the skaters, I was able to stay in the middle of the pack. I had stopped going to cycling rides years ago because I was often last. I'm writing to encourage other cyclists who haven't been on the bike for a while to come out to any of the Tour to Tanglewood training rides and make friends with other cyclists who are traveling at your speed. On Tuesday night, the skaters skate the continuous 1.6-mile loop at Country Park, so no one gets left behind for more than 7 to 8 minutes. Roadskater.net skaters, specifically, won't drop you on a no-drop ride.

Thank you roadskaters.

Maggie May 


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Thanks for the Tuesday Night Skate Kudos

Thanks for giving us more credit than we deserve! You are the one who didn't give up! Cyclists and inline skaters are welcome to come out for our Tuesday Night Skate to make it a skride (skate ride), most Tuesdays at 6 pm during daylight savings time. We often make it out other days, including many Fridays where we call it a Lonely Hearts Skate, since the park is less crowded when others are out dining and drinking after the work week's end. Please join this website and contribute or ask questions and to help us build a community. Joining the site is free and we don't share any of your info. Also, check out our InlineNC group on yahoogroups.com for another way of communicating about biking and skating and exercise for charity.
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More Thanks for Kudos

It's always great having you along, Maggie. Thanks muchly for the very kind words. And anyone who wants to come out with us on Tuesdays or Fridays to skate or cycle is welcome. I had a lot of fun skating with the T2T folks--and committing a small violation of federal law--last Tuesday.


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