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Czech it out

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to speak with with Jiri Prochazka, a journalist from Brno, Czech Republic, who is one of the founders of "Inline" magazine, and the website www.beinline.cz. He reports that Central and Eastern Europe have seen a recent blossoming of interest and participation in inline skating, from a very small base to become a visible presence in the parks of most major cities. In addition to a large Friday night skate in Bratislava, there are several smaller weekly street skates around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Poland and Hungary have emerging scenes also.

Skating is restricted to the parks or to the police-marshalled street skates, because Central European driving customs don't respect non-vehicular traffic.

 Take a look at www.beinline.cz. Though the content is in Czech, you can see that there is something going on!

 See you on the streets,


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