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David Zabriske (Time Trial) and Doper Tyler Hamilton (Road Race) Wear the Red White and Blue as USA Cycling Pro Champions

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I noticed in the righthand sidebar that non-phantom twin Tyler Hamilton has returned from his doping suspension to win the USA Cycling Pro road cycling championship by .002 seconds after 4h38m19s in and around Paris Mountain and Greenville, South Carolina. Much is made in the story of Hamilton's achievements without mentioning that whole doping thing (or maybe I missed it) and how some of those accomplishments may have occurred outside the bounds of legal racing.

Check out the photo of Hamilton in 2003 in the bibs to see what you'll need to look like in terms of emaciation to be likely to achieve such status in cycling or skating! (OK, some beefier types sometimes achieve, it's true, but even they do better after a bit of EPO and a lot of weight loss!)

The finish line display view is truly amazing, as are the comments on team tactics (legal ones), which at least to some degree affected the strategy and outcome of the day. It's interesting stuff, with no whining. These guys know if they're sprinters or not, and they act accordingly instead of blaming others later. At least that's the way I read it...explaining rather than blaming.

Check out the photos and story here:

Also see the official site, with links to video:

The Road Race map is here:

The Time Trial map is here:

Additionally, David Zabriske held on to the US Champion's jersey for individual road time trial on August 30, also near Greenville at Clemson University on a 20.7-mile road course.


Paris Mountain Paris Mountain, South Carolina
United States
34° 56' 32.6868" N, 82° 24' 36.5112" W
Reedy River Falls Historic Park
S Main St & W Camperdown Way
Greenville, South Carolina
United States
34° 50' 42.5544" N, 82° 24' 7.2288" W
Millenium Blvd Greenville, South Carolina
United States
34° 48' 47.2176" N, 82° 19' 29.802" W
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