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Descente de cote en BuggyRollin

If you ever consider changing your skating style, adding a few more wheels, and increasing your speed, check this out! www.gamaniak.com/video/3625 He is going down Grimselpass in Switzerland. Elevation 2165m Pretty ingenious, but......................OMG

Happy skating


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This Link Worked for Me for Buggy Rollin

http://www.gamaniak.com/video-3625-descente-cote-buggyrollin.html There's some sick stuff on that. I'd really like it if that guy could stay on his side of the white line and do that stuff. And hey, what hap'd with the motorbike he had to slow down for? Yowee. On the edge is what it feels like to me!
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Throwing oneself under a bus

Well I guess if you ran into a car coming the other direction you might be able to slide under it, but probably stand a bigger chance of getting crushed under the car wheels. Sorry but that's all I could see when I watched this. In the first few minutes I thought "Oh how nice, they must have somebody blocking traffic for them at the bottom of the pass!". Then I realized that the body-skater knew the curves and must have practiced on them repeatedly ahead of time. This led to the thought that they couldn't possibly have blocked traffic for all those run-throughs required to know those bends so well. Then I saw the traffic coming the other way! Although theoretically, you could cycle down the pass many times to get to know the bends and the shape of the road, and then apply your body-skating skills and just hope you don't screw up.
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Peace and Love to All But I Hope Few See It Ha

Oowee Conan. Yep, eebee, I'm inclined (oops bad pun) to agree. I regret that so many clips involving anything to do with skate wheels have selfishness, danger TO OTHERS, intentionally frightening others, rudeness, and similar features built in. Of course maybe that makes the video "cool." I saw a rollerskating video of a guy rolling in a city and I thought it was filmed great with three cameras at least (one on a moto), edited well, and entertaining, but I was so upset for the pedestrians I decided not to link it. The planning of the route and camera placements and "dolly moves" were inspiring. But I ended up not being energized as I had been early in the viddy, rather, just remembering why it is so hard to bring up roadskating without all these other negative associations coming up in the other person's mind, and out of their mouths, usually. What we do is so safe (especially for others) and courteous, that it is hard for people to even understand without all this other drama coming into their thoughts about it. When they SEE us roadskating, many are glad we're off the sidewalk as we are so different from these videos it's amazing. All we want to do is travel down the roads, and we'd like to choose the ones not to do (like these downhill passes). Anyway... I would enjoy this Buggy Rollin video much better as I've said if the guy could meet the requirement of staying on his side of the road, and if it appeared he had even a moderately effective way of stopping. Perhaps he does, of course, and just didn't show us that, but the gap in the video makes me wonder what happened with that moto. I'd say it wasn't pretty or it'd be in the viddy. The only method I could see would be do the embryo slide on his side? Huston on APRR pointed out this link for more on the Buggy Rollin suit, and it's an interesting video for that reason. And yes, of course he yells at a pedestrian as if the pedestrian should expect to look for a human roller luge about to clip his shins. Of course the pedestrian was likely looking for anything similar to an upright (even bent over) human or a motor vehicle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ6Khx0taRI So good luck Buggy Rollin dude and safety too. But I hope most people I talk to about roadskating...who don't know how different this is from roadskating...don't see your viddy! (Of course if I can't resist linking it as it IS interesting!) Thanks for the link, Marianne!

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