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Disney Inline Marathon 2007 report

Had a great time Sunday skating the Disney Marathon.  I'm disappointed in the Atlanta turnout though.  Only 3 ATL skaters that I could see.  We all skated in the same pack after a bit.  We had a bit of a problem getting a group organized, and didn't really have a cohesive group until almost the halfway point, when a group of people with St. Paul Marathon jerseys caught up to us, and we jumped in.  It probably would have been even better time if everyone was cooperating better.  The "St. Paul people" kind of just rotated among themselves, and we rarely got the chance to pull.  A leader would peel off, then insert themselves in the middle of the pack, trying to squeeze in.  I think we would have done better if we were able to do 1 or 2 minute pulls and rotate everyone.

Three issues I have with the marathon.  

1. (just a nit to pick) The medals are generic Disney Wide World of Sports medals with customized straps.  At least a few years ago, the running marathon had medals that actually said Disney Marathon with a little medallion attached below with the year.  That type of medal would have been nicer.

2. They use paper cups for water, and it's almost impossible to get more than a swallow when grabbing a paper cup at 15+mph.  I'm glad I had my camelback.

3. The boardwalk section is still treacherous.  They said they had blowers this year, but I didn't see any.

All in all, a good time had by all. Next year we need to get more Atlanta people!

Disney clock time at my finish: 1:51:12

My trivial GPS stats if anyone cares (I forgot to turn off my GPS until I got about 50 feet past the finish, Their distance and mine definitely don't match:

GPS Distance - 27.00 miles

GPS time - 1:51:38

Average pace - 4:08/mi

Average speed - 14.5mph

Max Speed - 25.8mph (remember, this is florida, the only hills are bridges!)

Avg Heart Rate - 157bpm

Max Heart Rate - 180bpm

Not too bad for 6'2" 250lbs.


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Found some Disney Inline Marathon 2007 photos

Jay! Welcome to Roadskater.net 2 and thanks for posting your Disney race report. I remember you giving some inaugural paceline instructions to unseasoned hill skaters last October about 10 miles out of Athens :-) I'm sorry you didn't find as many willing paceliners at Disney.

I found some people's photo links...

This one's a real cutie!


And I believe these are Florida Jessica's photos (2nd woman overall):


And after a personally hectic week for me where I found myself changing jobs amid some anxiety, and after letting my skating desert me when I needed it the most, I have to say that after seeing these photos of suntanned and/or buff skater gals, I felt right proud to be a skater gal myself! I just gotta work on the buff part...


post script: Oops! I didn't mean the booty shots! 

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