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Does being a Brave Soldier help road rash?

timv's picture

I was browsing a list of products on the Bike Nashbar website and something called "Brave Soldier First Defense" caught my eye. Blurb says that it was "originally designed to treat road rash at bikes races," and that it "cleanses and removes debris with a powerful, yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn’t sting."

Mostly it was my literary sense that was taken by the benefit-of-the-doubt, positive-mental-attitude connotation of telling a little boy with a booboo to "be a brave soldier," and that made me want to know more about it. I've never heard of the product or the company, but it seemed like something that folks be interested in.

A Google search reveals that Brave Soldier products are pretty widely available. In addition to First Defense, they also sell something called Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment, which was their first product and "was formulated specifically to speed the healing of road rash." Their stuff isn't cheap (J&J Advanced Healing isn't either, I should point out) but something about their approach seems appealing at first look

I am a bit suspicious though that their "Brave Soldier vs. Neosporin" comparison box lists only two active ingredients for Neosporin Triple Antibiotic. (It lists neomycin and bactracin but leaves out polymyxin.) Maybe it's just an oversight. But still, that's pretty much the whole point of the stuff--as well as of the department-store-brand generic triple antibiotic ointment that I always get instead, which works great for me.

 Anyway, thought I'd pass this along and see if anyone has any knowledge to share on it.


roadskater's picture

Brave Soldier Links and Descriptions

Here are some links from one of RSN2's affiliates which show a description (and a buy button). The prices are as good as my favorites Nashbar and Performance and include free shipping on domestic orders too I believe. If you click through and buy anything, a bit of the purchase goes to support RSN2. I'm hoping to make a Shop for Roadskater.net catalogue "some day," and this is a first start at a test of that. If this bugs you, please give it a low vote in the five wheels voting box and send me site feedback; if it's handy, please give it a good vote. I have not tried these products but if Nashbar and Performance (they're RSN2 affiliates too) carry them that is a good recommendation in my book. Thanks! Blake

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