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Double-Century Weekend Challenge!

skatey-mark's picture

So some months ago, I read an article about this crazy endurance cycling dude...


That which does not kill me, makes me stranger


...and it got me to thinkin'... (never a good thing!) :)


Thinking in the same way I thought when I first heard about A2A, which seemed (almost) equally crazy at the time. I love endurance events, seeing just how far I can push myself. This is certainly an extreme example, and there's no way I could feasibly train for something like that. (Unless some benevolent corporate sponsor wants to payme to train! LOL!)


So I started thinking about a more realistic goal, and came up with the idea of doing back-to-back centuries on a weekend. Now, I've never done a single century yet, but that's a minor detail... :) Another idea was to do the 24-hour Montreal race "solo"... Maybe next year... ;) Anyway, my thinking for the double century would be to do a supported skride on a Saturday at a moderate/brisk pace. Then another century the next day, but at a much slower pace... Doing it just to do it... Like 10 mph if that's as fast as I can manage...


Of course, this strategy requires a few things to succeed:

  • A skride with a sufficiently long timeframe for completing 100 miles on skates
  • A route for the second day that can be done unsupported (refilling at gas stations, etc)
  • Good weather
  • Someone crazy enough to try it with me (hopefully)


Well, I think the first two items are coming together... BikeFest has a 100-mile option, and is skater friendly. Now, I've only skated the 62-mile route, so I don't know what the remaining 38 miles are like, but hopefully the road quality is more or less the same as the rest of it. The 'finish' rest stop closes 8.5 hours after the start, which gives a reasonable amount of time to finish. (12mph average including stops.) They say the sag vehicle will stay out as long as people are on the course, but I don't want to keep anyone after the 'official' end -- looks bad for the skaters...


So now, I just need to come up with a 100-mile route for the following day. If I wanted to be completely masochistic, I could do the 48-mile route in Apex plus the "garbage hill", twice... But that would be a lot of punishment. I'm thinking something without the crushing hills on that route... Shouldn't be too hard to put something together though. I could potentially do the RTP loop 5 times, which wouldn't be too bad...


The big question mark is the weather of course. I don't really care about the heat, but trying this in the rain is not something I want to do. So if it's raining, I'll have to wait for another opportunity. But if it's dry, I'll hopefully be logging 200 miles that weekend...


- SM -


skatey-mark's picture

Another idea for day #2

8 laps on the American Tobacco Trail would be 102-105 miles, depending on how the gps reads it...  That would be interesting because there are plenty of food options at both ends and people could join for as many or few laps as they wanted to...

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