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Double Push Video

eebee's picture

I just watched a video of a skater on a skatemill. What a lot of expensive fun! He can even see himself on the tv and check his technique.

This fella probably wasn't even trying and he makes it look easy. Great side-view and back-view for the purpose of pausing the clip where you need it, for many an ahah-moment.

I heard about it through speedskateworld.com but see below for the link on the original site:


(I never think to check the Bont site.)

I've tried to scrutinize other double-push videos, but those were on stable-ground, being shot from a car, bike or skates, and often don't show both side and front/rear views. What I love about this video is that it answered many questions I had about the double-push, such as:

  • How much of a knee-bend do double-pushers really have?
  • At what point in the underpush do they 'snap' their legs straight?
  • Do they actually 'snap' their legs straight?
  • What are the missing components in my brain that prevent me from skating like this?


  • This guy has a range of knee bend angles from about 90 - 110 degrees (until the straightening part of the underpush)
  • Well I still dunno
  • No
  • Still not entirely sure but a further-forward set-down is a big clue, in my opinion, which would help create a deeper knee-bend and therefore more power.


eebee's picture

Not Willing to Fall!

I figured out the missing components in my brain that prevent me from skating like the guy on the skatemill...


I'm not yet willing to fall whilst acclimatizing to that almost 45 deg angle coming out of the underpush. It's silly because obviously I was willing to fall when learning to skate in the first place (as an adult). I suppose the thought of being at a higher speed and leaning purposefully towards the ground is what's putting me off. I'm sure that due to the physics of the whole thing the momentum (or something?) would help me come back up to vertical at some point. I understand this is also the purpose of the leg-straightening part, as I have tinkered with during countless Eddy workshops.

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johnnyChen's picture

now I know what I want for xmas instead of the pony

cool video. Thanks for posting the link.

Double Push Video

Exceptional video, especially, when considering the leg straightening part(?). It looks so effortless . . .
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