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Early registration for the SkateStrong skating/rollerblading workshop has been extended

skatey-mark's picture

Hey everyone... I've been out of town recently, so I decided to extend the "early bird" registration for the upcoming skating workshop until this Saturday (March 21st). Sign up before then to get the cheaper rate of $60 . It goes up to $80 on Sunday. There are additional discounts for people that sign up for the MS Tour to Tanglewood event. (See the skatestrong website for details.)


For those that may not know, this is a workshop for skaters of all levels.  I teach it as part of my fundraising for the MS Tour to Tanglewood event.  100% of the money goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  It's a fun time and a great chance to spend a day with other skaters, improving your skating skills at the same time...  The workshop will be held on Saturday, March 28th.


Here's a link to the event on meetup.com:




And here's a link to the website with information specifically about the workshop:




I hope to see you there! 

- SM - 


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How long do you think Skatestrong will go?

Hey Skatey-Mark. Thanks for doing the Skatestrong workshops and for doing them to benefit people with Multiple Sclerosis. I was wondering how long you thought you'd go with the sessions and whether anyone is planning to do that Greensboro thing too with the indoor skaters. They're planning on 50 people in an indoor rink so it'll be pretty crowded but it'll be interesting to see them skate and to hear what they have to say. I plan to go with a Roadskater.net jersey on in hopes of meeting anyone who might want to come skate outdoors with us, and I think eebee plans to go too. Skatestrong will be much more thorough with way more personal attention and with a focus on outdoor and roadskating drills, so I recommend anyone who can, please do go to the Skatestrong workshop! There's nothing like a day you set aside totally for skating. We might make it, but I can't promise we'll be able just yet. We have some other obligations to attend to earlier in the day, but if we can rearrange all of that and do the drive over, it'd be fun work to be on skates for drills with Skatey-Mark. Seriously people, if you want some knowledge and practice, or want to share what you know too, head over to the Skatestrong workshop. It will be way worth it.
skatey-mark's picture

SkateStrong is all day Saturday

I planned on the SkateStrong workshop being from 9am-5pm, with maybe a 1.5 hour beak for lunch in the middle. But my plans are open for that day... So if people still have energy at the end and want to see more, we can extend it a bit. I imagine we'd just be limited by how hungry people started to get at that point... :-) We'd definitely love to see you & Eebee out there! I am curious about the indoor workshop too... I wish they had scheduled it a different weekend. I expect it's going to be a lot of crossover drills... :-) - SM -
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The NASKATER Circuit Indeed

North American Skater Kids Always Turning Excluding to the Right I'm looking forward to being uncomfortable but interested. I don't know how I feel about even getting on the floor (because I'm sure if I get on the floor I'll end up on the floor in a sprawling way) with these folk! I am entirely incompetent, where compete is the middle of that word. I'm like "Oh you go ahead, you obviously want it more." On a long day I can feel "Oh you go ahead, you obviously want it more, and I might see you curled up in a ditch like and embryo later...or possibly showered and shaved and napped and fed and back at the finish by the time I get there...but I will get there." There's more time to think up longer sentences on an 87-mile A2A or 102-mile RSNCC. Well you know not to believe we'll be there unless you see us or at least get a call saying we're almost there! But you can be sure I'm in awe of what you're doing, that you are actually doing not just dreaming it (my specialty), and that you are doing it for people who can't begin to enjoy movement like we do all of our days.

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