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Eddy Matzger Back in USA

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Hi to all! Let us hear what you're up to even if it's not skating, and especially if it is. The InlineCafe is there for just about any topic.

I have thought of so many things I was going to write but I let myself become stifled a while back and need to break my way out of that. I should post even if I don't think people would be interested! I'll get over that and start writing soon I'm sure, even if it is just about movies or music. Meanwhile, I've been working on the Support RSN stuff, including an amazon section (in beta at http://astore.amazon.com/rsn2-20) and lots of other ways for people to help out without spending any more or differently than they would already.

In other brief news, we picked up Eddy at the GSO airport Sunday and Bob Flynn (skatefarm and roadshow guru) had flown in to meet him from Tampa. They're going up to the Skate Farm to get ready for Eduardo's court date this week. I may go up if he needs me, but if he has enough people already to show up in court I'll probably just stay out of the way and go up later, perhaps in January. We'll see! If I go I'll definitely post stories from the road and will likely take my camera of course.

We have one registration already for the Greensboro Roadshow (a weekend inline speedskating workshop that is a great experience for just about anyone who loves roadskating or most kinds of inline). Registration seems to be up and running at http://skatecentral.com/page20.html

Eddy seemed to have a nice time in China, and he seems well rested in spite of or because of the travel away. We had a quick chat at the airport but didn't go out as he and Bob needed to go on up to Virginia.

Hopefully he'll tell us some stories here if and when he has time, and if not, at least we'll have him here in April for a great weekend of focusing on wheels!

OK. Write and let us know what you have been up to, skating or not!



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