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Eddy Matzger goes to court for skating the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Carol Patch of DC has been circulating this appeal to help Eddy Matzger challenge the ban to skating on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Contact her for more information on the court date and requirements for submitting an affidavit.

By now most of you know that Eddy was ticketed last summer for skating on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Skating (the ticket actually said "Rollerblading") is not legal on the parkway though bicycling is legal. He has a court date scheduled for December 6. You can also read the Inline Planet story for details:


Eddy would like support from the skating community. (Marshall are you listening?) Your support can be either by going to court with him and being prepared to testify or by submitting an affidavit. Eddy wants you to use your own words and experience but essentially you need to cover why skating should be allowed on the parkway and why Eddy in particular is no more danger to himself or other people than bikers by skating on the Parkway. I will research what comprises an affidavit and post the information to this group.

For those who can go to court,, the date is December 6th. We will need to meet at Skate Farm on the 5th. The court hearing is about 120 miles away from the Skate Farm.

I think it is important that witnesses represent a variety of demographics (E.G., I have the middle aged lady demographic all sewn up), and that witness be comfortable dealing with authority figures and be good public speakers. It is also probably a good idea that we have respectable jobs and are good upstanding citizens. I would also expect that witnesses should be prepared to submit affidavits. This is an opportunity to make a difference.

I will get back to you with more information as I have it. Eddy is in China until December 4th.

Carol Patch


sommemi's picture

park skating support...

Actually, I hadn't heard about that. My Dad has been given plenty of tickets for skating in the streets and what-not... he went to New York and got hit in the gut by an old lady with an umbrella yelling at him to 'go skate in the streets where you belong!' only to return to Ohio and get pulled over for skating in the street (where there was no sidewalk).

I wish I could understand why they treat skaters so differently than bikers... Please post information on this affidavit thing when you can. Parks are such a nicer place to skate than city streets... and the scenery is definately much better.

Thanks for the info...

profjb2000's picture

Skating Tickets

Forest Park in St. Louis has miles of trails, but these trails are full of side-by-side walkers too inconsiderate to move for cyclist or skaters. Therefore, we take to the very lightly used streets that are safer than the trails. One particular park officer in Forest Park has twice warned our skaters in St. Louis that street skating in the park can be cited; however, he has never cited us and the other rangers don't bother us at all.

Skating city streets along the bikeways and anywhere else has never been a problem as long as rules are obeyed.







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