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The Eddy Matzger Roadshow -- a quick account of the February 2007 Clearwater Roadshow

I sent the following to Blake in response to an e-mail regarding the upcoming Eddy Matzger Roadshow in Greensboro April 6-8.  He kindly requested I post it on this forum so here it is with a post script:

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Subject: RE: [SkateDC] Enjoy NC spring and inline skating and get some skillsand drills

I participated in the February Roadshow in Clearwater, FL.  The majority of
skaters were near or at racing level -- I am an intermediate level skater
(meaning I can roll forward but am on the verge of GREATER talent...lol).

There aren't enough words in the English language to sufficiently wax poetic
about the benefits gained by attending this workshop.  Having just returned
from the Squiggy Inline Classic in Tampa and reunited with fellow Clearwater
Roadshow grads I believe I can type for them as well.

Eddy Matzger's much celebrated skating prowess is equaled by his ability to
teach what it is he does so well.  Possessing the talent to do AND teach is
rare indeed.  In fact, it's rather freakish...but I digress.

At the kick-off dinner Eddy asked all to chime in with introductions and
individual goals for the weekend.  I thought it to be the standard ice
breaker moment where most are really more focused on whether or not to order
dessert.  In retrospect, Eddy on-the-fly was mentally tailoring the lesson
plan to structure the workshop in a manner that all participants,
irrespective of level, gained measurable benefit.

I arrived 1.5 levels above needing to learn how to put on skates while the
other participants who coast on big wheels at 18mph (without brakes) signed
up to learn the double push and how to shave a tenth of a second off their
mile-per-minute marathon record.  Even my smart mouth couldn't calm my
worries about the incongruent levels...so, absent a pint of Ben & Jerry's, I
just piped down and polished off the bread basket.

By the end of the weekend, the speed demons had learned in minute detail the
components to the double push...and I learned how to put on skates as well
as intermittently effect smooth crossovers (leaving the double push for
another day...the same day I give up my brake?).  To name just a few,
lessons included balance drills (lots of balance drills), crossovers, double
push, pacelining, and starting block/finish line techniques.

The drills were challenging for all at each level.  No small feat of
instruction given that the lessons weren't dumbed-down for the lowest common
denominator (ummm, me) leaving the skate geniuses bored nor taught in such a
way as to exclude those desiring to learn components that racers don't
bother to even think about anymore.  Not sure how Eddy managed to pull out
the rabbit and bridge the gap but it happened at some point when we weren't
looking and no doubt laughing about something.

The Roadshow is a powerfully efficient and highly entertaining way to
ratchet up your skate level by two notches (at the least) no matter where
you are on the skate ability yardstick.

So, if you have that weekend free and really love skating, SIGN UP.

(For the record, I am not affiliated with Blake's club, nor have I had the
pleasure of meeting Blake, nor do I live in North Carolina.  I'm just a
Roadshow grad and spectacularly impressed with the quality of instruction
not to mention the added benefit of getting to make the acquaintance of
fellow skaters and lovely human beings.)


My P.S.  I just returned from the Disney Inline Marathon.  Again, I stress that I am an intermediate skater (on some days I am less intermediate than others...lol).  During the skate, I replayed the workshop in my head and really focused on effecting the smoothest most powerful strokes my little-engine-that-could legs could muster and I did very well, even if I do say so myself.  The skating form and technique I learned at the workshop is the very foundation to not only being a confident skater but more importantly to loving and enjoying every skate stroke mile after mile (even over some of the most awful terrain I've skated to date...sorry, Mickey, Minnie, etal of the Disney clan).  The Eddy Matzger weekend clinic taught me more about skating than I've learned in the entire year I've been wobbling around on wheels.  So, SIGN UP!!   :-)   

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