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Eighty and Still Skatey! 80 Laps for the Lady

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Just in case you want another reason to keep on skating, consider Agatha Van Der Starre's 80th birthday celebration on ice. She did 80 laps with friends to celebrate 80 years. Like many who love various forms of skating, she came to it late in terms of joining the speedskating club. Being from Holland and then Canada, it'd be crazy to think she never skated, but it seems her speedskating started some time around 1980 in a serious way. She medaled at the British Columbia games a couple of years later, and fifteen years after that, still going strong...

becoming the Canadian and North American over-50 grand master champion in 1997, holding all the continental and national records at all distances for her age group.


Ms. Van Der Starre is a crosstrainer who goes darkside (rides a bike) as part of her training. Probably a good idea for skaters who can't get in enough miles and hours without damaging feet, ankles or other parts. I remember one year the winner of A2A (one of the few it was not Eddy Matzger) said that cycling training was the key to his winning. 

The article on Ms. Van Der Starre is great but ends with a bit of a thud for me, saying:

The club currently has one member, Anna Vogl, training at the Calgary Oval.

The loneliness of the long track skater. Of course, I believe the writer meant to say not that the club has only one member, but that the club has many members...and that one of them, Anna Vogl, is training at the Calgary Oval. 

I've skated in a club of one before. It's OK some days. But skating with a bunch is usually very cool.

Happy 80 skatey lady! We'd love to meetcha! 


Eighty happy birthday returns Agatha - The Record (New Westminster) -  

Eighty happy birthday returns Agatha
The Record (New Westminster)
Van Der Starre immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1953, but it was not until 27 years later that she learned of the local speedskating club under then ...


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