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Elevation-Speed Profiles and Speed-Heart Rate Profiles for Tour to Tanglewood 2009 Bike Ride Inline Skate

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Here is more data from the road between Volvo Trucks N.A., Greensboro, NC and Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, NC in the 2009 Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis. When I make elevation profiles, I like to force x and y to 0 because it helps me see how hilly the event is more accurately. You can make almost anything look hilly by setting the y-axis max/min to the elevation max/min. To make it better, I should probably plot all events on a 110-mile scale or some such (considering Carolina Century at 102 is usually the most I'd try in a day), but I don't yet really like how that looks. Maybe if I compare A2A to the CC I'll do it that way. Hmm. Anyway, in two of these graphs, I'm plotting Elevation by Distance, with Speed colorization of the graph line; in the other two, it's Speed by Distance, with Heart Rate colorization. These make for some interesting ruminations, perhaps, for some. Note that 5 of us took the alternate Sandy Ridge Road route back, deciding by sort-of vote at the very last moment. It was a good choice for a long smooth roll and a steep but fair hill, avoiding a downhill T Stop sign and some rough stuff on the way back the main route. The same is true of course in the Google maps posted with the photo links. Perhaps the Tour can return to some smoother roads that were in use before the bridge on Sandy Ridge Road was replaced. The Bicycle Toy & Hobby Ride used parts of the old T2T route and it was fun stuff! I note that I've been consistently wrong about the elevation change from Volvo to Tanglewood. Of course this year's finish is very near the Yadkin River (as in hundreds of feet away), and I guess Volvo is near Sandy Ridge, which is probably both sandy soil and at relatively high altitude (or it'd be called Sandy Bottom!). This further increases the wonder of the phenomenon that I perceive day 2 to be easier than day 1. Perhaps this is because I rest well after day 1, but may be busy and not resting so well anticipating all the events of the weekend. There's evidence of rough roads in the data. Look for green downhills (instead of more blue to magenta) followed by redder than usual ups. The rain took its toll on our max speeds as well. We usually make over 40 even solo or duo on Doc Davis Rd near the end of day 1. We also failed to gather our 5 to 1 pack on what might have been the fastest hill of day 2. By that time we were all just making it how we could...or I was anyway. If we gather at the top of the hill we get the mass of 5 going with the wind resistance of 1 or 2, roughly. There's more to note in the data, but not now. Hope someone enjoys looking at the data.
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20090926-tour-to-tanglewood-2009-day-1-dsh.png27.44 KB
20090927-tour-to-tanglewood-2009-day-2.png26.93 KB
20090927-tour-to-tanglewood-2009-day-2-dsh.png28.14 KB


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Speed Data vs HR Data

Awesome data figures. Speed is obviously consistent from one skater to the next, but I found it really interesting how heart rates can vary wildly per person over the same stretch of roads. While some were maintaining 160s, other skaters were 20 bpm higher or lower in the same pack on the same hills. Knowing your body's personal tolerances is vital.

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