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Eleven Fluffy Reasons to Sort of Consider These Seven Dorky Sports: Inline Skating Beats Hula Hooping

roadskater's picture

OK I made the 11 number up, and it is just to mock all the titles on health.com and so many websites, including this one sometimes, ha!

Did I say dorky? Why yes, I did, but I only meant that this is how rowlurblayding (rollerblading for you search engines out there) is presented in the little media coverage we get (except maybe that for the Northshore Inline Marathon, which seems to get great, serious, fun stories each year).

Here's a little fluff mentioned on the Pegasus Flyers inline skating (roadskating) list:


So there's your answer. 425 calories in 30 minutes. Let's not get into any details. Keep it simple. It's only the web.

As one person pointed out, this looks like a very old stock photo. I'm not sure she's even moving. I think it was, "let's get her all oiled up with Hawaiian Tropic with some brightly colored workout fashions...and those, what are those, wrist guard thingies...but no helmet, no, and nothing else, 'cause we gotta see her face and hair and makeup!" Looks like posing for the start line in the middle of the road or some such.

Should we be grateful for any coverage we get? I'd like to see some coverage of what some have accomplished through inline skating, weight wise, charity wise, speed wise, endurance wise, adventure wise. But I forgot. That requires interviews. Interviews require time, fact-checking, and perhaps even synthesis.

So I guess I'm glad CNN.com by way of Health.com put inline skating at the top of the "fat-blasters" list, rightly or wrongly. And I hope somebody decides to try it safely as a result. But I have my doubts. I think some will just say, "hot chick; still looks stupid."

It would be interesting to see an article on the new face of inline skating's various branches, particularly roadskating. But the vast majority of the people who write about sports know almost nothing about the sports. They don't know the wheels have gone from 76mm to 80mm to 84mm to 100mm to 110mm and more in the last dozen years, or what that means.

So we need to remember to keep telling what is happening with skates and skating! If we write it, people can find it, and I believe they'd like to know more than what one intern looking for a highlights piece (x adjective ways to this or that your these or those) will write. Share your story.

One of the Pegasus bunch was on the case, tracking down the sources (or trying) and discussing the results of a study as looking questionable regarding calories burned because of the straight-line results. He expected the plot to be curved due to wind-resistance, to give a brief overview. If he gets the answers, I hope he'll let us know.


eebee's picture

Nice-looking road surface!

My still A2A-centric mind misread the above story as 'Seven Fat Blisters'.

Contrived health-advice aside, hurray for inline-skating making mainstream articles once again. 

And what do you know, just earlier today I face-palmed after clicking on yahoo's Shine article: 5 Signs You Have Bad-Fitting Jeans. I was wondering when they were going to get around to the fact that if your jeans are too tight, you're probably too big for them:

"4. Your jeans are creating a "muffin-top." "There are a few reasons this may be happening," Shatonia says. "One reason could be that your jeans are too tight"

Where would we be without such helpful advice?

The best solution to the whole muffin-top problem is to take up inline skating and burn 700 cals/hour. 

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