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Elon 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride Inline & Skate

roadskater's picture

The Elon T2T TR moved as the bike shop that hosted it is no more...at least for now? Regardless, we found a home in a church parking lot underneath wise oaks and it was a nice spot. Our group was five skaters and three cyclists from the Roadskater.net team at one time or another, all but one veterans of the Tour. I had made some "repairs" to my boots by putting very thin cutting board material underfoot to try to fix discomfort caused by how I had to salvage the mounting blocks using T-nuts underneath. Simply put, after many miles, this began to feel like two bolts sticking up from underneath the frame...because that's what it is basically. Another way of thinking of it would be if you had two silver dollars in each shoe under the ball of the foot and the heel. Arrgh!

Meanwhile...here's my link to the photos! Hope you love'em...please post your favorites if you do!


Anyway, I had also done a 125-mile skate with Mark S not long before this, so I was tender of foot and ankle. The excitement of having a five-pack couldn't overcome the pain I was feeling as my repair was not working, even with padding. With speed boots, the ideal is to have as little padding as possible, but to make that work, you need a nice smooth, contoured surface. I had made mine an extremely hard, flat surface, and the padding was not helping...and making it hard to control.

So I stopped once to tighten everything and make my apologies to the others, whom I know were questioning my sanity. It was still hurting but I had more control. After a nice long downhill (you can see this as I took photos from the front pointing back) I used the regroup to stop again and rip everything out, put on some extra socks, and put in a different, softer, more supportive experimental insole.

Going up the hill I rotated out and two of our group took off like a shot, leaving the three of us wondering what had happened, but not really caring enough to go find out. Over the top of the hill, we noticed this was nice country, then that there was a downhill into a stop sign. It wasn't a problem and we regrouped after the downhill left, "Clear!"

At the rest stop, three of us were opting for the shorter route, but I think we didn't realize how short that would be. We also didn't realize how many cyclists at our pace were going to opt for the hilly country long route. Looking back, I would vote for the longer one, but that's also because I can't feel what my feet felt like then either.

We got back through Gibsonville and into Elon in good order and had a nice easy long cooldown with friends in the shade, then a bunch of us went over to eat at the local diner across the street. Then we left and went back in with another group of friends, as this was a midday to reacquaint. It was great to be with about 20% of our team at a training ride!

We felt pretty good when we left and had these grand ideas of going back over for dinner in Elon with two team members, but naps and laziness took over and we bailed out on that nice offer. Nothing makes you sleep like skateymiles!

The Elon route was nice and we heard the longer route was nice too, and a bit more challenging, which might have been good. Since that time, I've made more hacks to the skates, and am currently using some "plastic cardboard" with a slightly thinner insole and it seems to be working well. I'm still watching for appropriate used speedskates as I can't afford another custom set just now, but for now, I'm still on the trusty old Verducci V-Teks. Hope they last until A2A!

Here's my link to the photos on rsn1.net, RSN Classic! Hope you love'em...


Please comment here if you see anything worthwhile in the photos! Skateylove, Blake


eebee's picture

Elon 2007 Tanglewood Training Ride Photos

I like the pic of these guys: two very different demeanors before a ride!

I also like this Scooby-Doo house!

And last but not least, some spearmint-gum skatewheels.

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