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Equipment: Men vs. Women-Wheels

Skates are primarily designed by men for men, and I have found a leading manufacturer that agrees with me.  Frames are super stiff; wheels are super hard.  A typical male skater has a few pounds on the average female skater.  Frames that flex sooner and wheels that are slightly softer are more apt to be friendlier to women.  We could also think of this in terms of skater weight rather than sex, and then we would need to take into account the actual strength of the push, etc.  Skater ability will always create even more variables as well as what each skater is able to tolerate in terms of harshness of ride, but the actual footprint of the same wheel will probably be smaller for a female skater than a male skater.  Whew!

Sticking to wheels for the time being and because of my contention, I looked for a friendly, softer, 100mm wheel.  While 100mm wheels are friendlier anyway, I also opted to go with 81A Gyro wheels.  And guess what?  They're even pink!!!  At $8.00 a piece, they weren't a bad deal either.  Mine came from www.nettracing.com

I have 3 skates on them over 20 miles.  The pavement was super ratty to super smooth.  I have found them to be an excellent all purpose wheel.  I wouldn't want to race on them, but considering how I used them, I was very pleased.  The conditions varied so much.  I never felt that the ride was unbearably harsh. 

Pink wheels, in this case, make real nice wheels for this skater-girl . . .


eebee's picture

I Appreciate your Wheel Reports

Thanks for the wheel info. This is something I don't really ever dedicate brain time or effort to, usually only going so far as to pick a color for looks alone. Probably the reason I zone out on this topic at other places, or in personal discussion among skaters, is that I believe it's all not going to matter much to me anyway. It's not like I'm going to care if I can go 0.015 seconds faster per lap, and if I'm not beating some skaterchick I'd like to beat, it sure as heck ain't 'cos of the wheels :-). So hearing about what you find more comfortable and why makes it a bit more relevant to me. I'm glad pink seems to be in, for now.

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