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Farmington founder's day parade - skate routine

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So I wanted to tell you all about the other thing that we do on skates - dancing! Every winter we put on a party with routines to music - the Skater's Winter Snowball in Farmington, and every summer we put together a routine for the parade (also to music). Here is a link to video and pictures of this years snowball (see who you can recognize!) http://www.cdsdetroit.com/2-25-06-swsb/page.html 

Each has it's own challenge the Snowball hall has a wooden floor with some hazards and is in quite a confined space. The parade however is open to the elements (wet road, cobbles etc.) and moves at a variable speed (sometimes quite fast othertimes not at all).

This years parade theme is the wild west - so the music is the burning ring of fire. The moves are mostly what in aerobics would be called grapevines and spins (all whilst moving with the parade.) I will keep you updated with progress and best of all pictures of our outfits.


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Too Shy and Awkward

I watched the video and looked at the pics and I can only say good job you for getting out there and dancing on your skates. I have enjoyed watching the Central Park Dance Skaters outdoors in Manhattan and yet there was no way I was going out there as clumsy as I can be especially standing and moving slowly on wheels. It looks like you guys had a great time and have a nice club up there in Farmington. Excellent! Thanks for sharing the links.

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