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Federal Reserve Governor Inline Skater, plus 1906 Roller Skating Basketball Championships

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Lest we forget there are inline skaters everywhere, even when we may be unaware, I just found out that Frederic Mishkin, who is on the Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors, is an inline skater, cyclist and small craft sailor on the Hudson. I found the information in this article but I believe it is from press release materials as other articles contain the same information.

I'm always interested in who else finds inline skating important enough to do amid an admittedly busy schedule, and especially who manages to keep skating well into adulthood! It would be great to get FM out with 49 or more other skaters in New York City sometime soon to represent the sport to the Police, who have decided 50 skaters is an illegal group without a permit, but 49 is OK. I agree with others that the skates must go on, even if they have to be split into groups! How far apart do groups have to be to be separate groups? How close must they be to be considered the same group? Is it possible to tell who is a group just by looking? Sounds tricky to me.

While looking for cross referencing material on Mishkin I found a photo and other information from Columbia Business school. Maybe Jared will see this gentleman skating about along the Hudson between Columbia and the GWB, pondering the slope of the yield curve and its usefulness in predicting recessions?* He might just as well spot him on the bricks in front of the old library, eh, or at Ollie's for some noodles?

While scanning for more info on Mr. Mishkin, I had an interesting miss. I came across a brief reference in this article to a roller skating basketball championship at Madison Square Garden mentioned in the New York Times, July 31, 1906...101 years ago!


* from an abstract of a paper ("Predicting U.S. Recessions: Financial Variables as Leading Indicators") of which Mishkin was co-author:

Beyond 2 quarters, the slope of the yield curve emerges as the clear choice, and typically performs better by itself out of sample than in conjunction with other variables. 

I thought I'd save you from needing to read the whole paper. How well does a budget defecit predict recession, I wonder. Methinks meknows.

Regardless of all this heavy stuff, you go skateygov!

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