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Feeling Satisfied -- Taking the Long View

RSNBiker's picture

Raise your hand if you can name the road that is paved with good intentions. I’ve taken that to mean that in most cases, my actions are far more important than my intentions or my words. But when it comes to my diet, I’ve learned that “intentional eating” is the single most important part of my success.

My definition of intentional eating is a daily plan of what I will eat, how much I will eat, how often I will eat and when I will stop eating. Sounds like a lot of work. But it’s not much more difficult than planning which clothes to pack for a trip or an important event. I’m a list maker, so intentional eating is a natural extension of my list-making day.

I share this because I’m on Day 120-something of my journey to remake my brain and body. I’m happy to report that I have lost 26 pounds and 7 inches in my waist (and lots of other inches elsewhere). On Day 90 of my quest, I reached my 90-day goal of 25 pounds. These last 30 days I have maintained that weight loss and lost one more pound by continuing to exercise daily and allowing only a few cheat items and meals weekly. To reach the first goal, I exercised daily, sometimes twice daily, with a compulsive intensity that I know I cannot sustain without losing money or leaving my house in complete chaos.

I’m down at Cape Hatteras again, and on my last trip, I was able to shed the last three pounds of my 25-pound goal. I decided this 5-day trip was good for another 3 to 4 pounds, and I decided that I was ready to ratchet up the intensity again and hit my 30-pound goal. The first day of the trip started out well. I didn’t write in my food journal that day (I haven’t for 30 days), but my first two meals were right on track. However, by late afternoon, when I was ready for a healthy snack and/or a very early dinner I discovered that my traveling companions were not and I had not packed any healthy snacks.

Knowing that dinner was two hours away, I ate something out of a bag. I ate more kettle corn than I want to confess and then I ate a pepperoni beef stick and a popular low-calorie sports drink. Just before a healthy dinner of steamed shrimp and crab, I had several jalapeno poppers (deep-fried and filled with cheese). If I had been in Greensboro at 11 p.m., I probably would have gone to the emergency room. As I was on an island 60 miles away from the hospital, I had to settle for what I could find at the all-night tackle shop down the road. I thought I had food poisioning. I realized later that my body was rejecting processed food and overeating. My lack of planning and intentional eating cost me several hours of sleep and reminded me that the satisfaction of feeling good and healthy far outweighs any pleasure I could get from eating anything that comes out of a bag or a deep frier. Bleck! Say that with your tongue out.

It’s been nearly 48 hours since my processed food attack and I’m back on whole foods and feeling much better. Thanks for listening.

Peace out.


Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
United States
35° 13' 28.6392" N, 75° 31' 48.5436" W


roadskater's picture

Intentional Eating and the Outer Banks of NC

What a great place to feel horrible. But what a shame to feel horrible while at the Outer Banks. Right next to Ocracoke, only a free ferry ride away, and very near the iconic Hatteras light. These are incredible places for the soul, and like many, when times get confusing the North Carolina Outer Banks or the trails around Mount Mitchell, Grandfather Mountain or Table Rock fit the bills. Big waves and tiny birds speak lessons, and anything way bigger than silly us is a good reminder of welcome unimportance. 

What follows is not whole foods talk, as I can't quite make that goal yet, but my own slacker intentional eating, when it works. 

I like that term, intentional eating...intentional most things. If we leave it to a lack of plan the drive-through (or drive-trough) will get us, as will the deep fried, cheese and ground fat. I love unintentional eating, and I love intentional weekly half of a garlic and onion pizza, but if I can set some basic rules and mostly follow them, it helps with the intentionality. 

For me, I have to intentionally grocery shop, because if it's at home I will eventually eat all of it, and maybe not slowly. So there are things I love that I don't buy but count on running into at events or when I don't choose the restaurant or when it's free food somehow (free food has no calories). 

I've tried being more intentional about sugar drinks, including taking in less skaterade and even less carbonated sugardrink. At home I've been making unsweetened ice tea by the glass with 2 Tetley British Blend tea bags and half of a heavy Luminarc 16 oz. glass of post-boiling water. After that brews a bit, I just fill the glass with ice cubes and give it a swirl. It's mighty tasty. As timv would add, this works great with very strong Cafe Bustelo. Just make sure your glass is made to take the hot-cold transition or use something safe blah blah blah. 

So back to some rules I try for. Well, I don't follow rules so much when around a lot of people as great friends and family and great food in excess are one reason to live, but when alone or in smaller groups, I do sometimes get in the no cheese, no deep fried, no ground fat (meats). Lately I've been doing the first two of those, plus dropping most creamy dairy type things, especially mayo and sauces made therewith. Tuesday night is pizza and sometimes I OK deep fried tortilla chips at a Meximerican restaurant, but have been known to order a chicken quesadilla with no cheese. 

By not limiting the amount so much, but trying to knock off the most fatspensive or calspensive items, I can still enjoy most foods. Also, Baked Tostitos Scoops and salsa are great, by the way. 

Drive-through burgers at Cookout are awesome and I am allowing those right now. I order the smallest size and they put huge onions on there and plenty of lettuce. Not bad for unwhole foods, at $1.29 each I think.

The best thing I can do for my eating and sleeping is skating! Except, sometimes or lots of times, the night before a big skate with lots of friends I'm too happy or excited...or at t2t and carolina century worried for team mates or volunteers and particpants...to sleep. The next morning I'll sit on the bumber before donning the skates and see insane heart rates of 126 or so before rolling out, as was the case at the last Carolina Century with impending storms! OK. Enough about me, for just now. 

I'd like to add that a drive to Wrightsville Beach to eat at the Oceanic Pier outside with a coke and pineapple chicken salad has restored lifeworthlivingness a few times too. Sometimes that lemon smell coming out of a bubbling coke binds all good things past and present. Yes there is a caffeine theme in this post, I admit! Sorry eebee! See Teeccino! Kicking the Caffeine Habit with Alternative Decaffeinated Herbal Coffee Substitute.

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