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FestiVELO de Charleston 2006

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Ok here's an event to chase away the couch potato blues, and get you skating into December. I have not checked with the event organizers to see what they think about skaters taking part, this year. Please post what you find out if you get to it before I do!


The event organizer, Charlie Fox, welcomed us skaters in 2003, back when it was called "Rural Ride Round the Islands":




We did the windy-as-heck 63 miles (ok well I bonked and SAGed actually!) on the Saturday, and the windy-as-heck downtown Charleston tour ride on the Sunday morning, with our own impromptu skate tour in the afternoon. The event 'meal' for Saturday night included all-you-can-eat oysters, overlooking the port where private boat owners provided a Christmas-lights float-by parade.

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