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The Film, D Tour, on Independent Lens, plus ISU Berlin World Cup Replay Package on Universal Sports Online

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I have been out of touch for a few weeks after some long distance skating and the prep and skating and wrap (still ongoing) of our Roadskater.net team charity efforts. Last night was the awards dinner for the Tour to Tanglewood, and it was a transitional day for several reasons, all good. Then I came home wanting to get some computer work done and maybe watch some tele, mostly something meaningless and useless. Instead I watched some speedskating thanks to a tip by eebee that it had been on over-the-air Universal Sports free DTV. I saw the online package of ISU World Cup Long Track Speedskating on UniversalSports.com (thank you Universal Sports!)...about an hour an ten minutes maybe...decent stuff and interesting enough commentary... http://www.universalsports.com/video/assetid=ab4eee74-3c8c-4add-9a4a-68d... Then online or on the TV I saw the ad for a film on the PBS series, Independent Lens, called the D Tour. It sounded OK but I didn't think I'd really watch it from the description. I won't say much because you deserve a fresh view of this one, but I will say it follows a fine tradition going back to a book I enjoyed as a kid, the very fine, "Reflections of a Rock Star" or as it is also called, "Diary of a Rock'n'Roll Star," by Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople. I refer to that because this film is also a road diary of sorts, and not such a glamorous one, but an incredible one. I started watching just to see some backstage and practice and setup video...the descriptions of setting up for the gig and breaking down the gig...staying up late to get up early to travel to set up to play to break down to finding food and sleep...reminding me that musicians don't get paid to play so much as to travel and for some, to set up and especially break down their gear. I kept watching because of a story, an unfolding unraveling story, of music and love and life and death. I highly recommend you watch it, without learning the story first. Just make a bit of time or put in a tape and give it a viewing if you have the time. It may change you, or may not, but it's worth a chance.

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