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Floyd Landis Defense Fund and Multiple Sclerosis Donation Link

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Not much new here except the information that there is now a way to contribute to Floyd's defense. What would really be interesting would be if they would sell stock in the defense so that if he loses, you lose, but if he wins, you win too! Now that would really be an educational lottery!

Meanwhile let me point out that in addition to helping Floyd with his cycling problems, you could also pitch in to help Roadskater.net raise money to help someone with Multiple Sclerosis while representing cycling and skating with your donation:

Skateylove y'all. Blake

Defense fund established to aid Landis
Lancaster Newspapers, PA - 12 hours ago
The 2006 winner of the prestigious Tour de France bicycle race is accused of taking the hormone testosterone during the July race to help him win. ...

[Bicycle Racing]
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